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bathroom, white vanity counter, yellow square sink, yellow square shelves, white wall, white floaitng shelves, round mirror, white floor tiles Revistaad

Bathroom, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Neutral Wooden Wall
Bathroom, White Tiny Floor Tiles, White Tiny Wall Tiles, Wooden Floor, Grey Vanity Counter, Orange Cabinet
Bathroom Vanities, Grey Wall, Wooden Floor, White Floor, Wooden Table, Black Round Sink, White Floor, White Toilet, Round Mirror
Grey Bathroom, Concrete, Floating Vanity Sink, Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, White Counter Top, Yellow Cabinet, Grey Floor, White Wall, Yellow Shelves
Bathroom, White Tiny Wall Tiles, Geometrical Floor Tiles, White Toilet, Yellow Cabinet, White Sink
Bathroom, White Vanity Counter, Yellow Square Sink, Yellow Square Shelves, White Wall, White Floaitng Shelves, Round Mirror, White Floor Tiles
Black Bathroom Vanity Counter, Wooden Backsplash, Wooden Cabinet, Black Toilet, Black Textured Shower Wall, Plants Wall Accessories
Bathroom, White Wall, Wooden Wall, Shocking Pink Floating Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Toilet, White Pendant
Bathroom, Brown Floor, Blue Wall, Plants On The Wall, Pink Floating Cabinet, Round Mirror

One essential thing in the bathroom is a vanity. It allows you to wash your hand, brush your teeth and get ready confidently. And of course, you will want to have a really nice decorated vanity. And you can decorate it in any way you want it to be. However, if you love modern look, or you just love geometrical accent in the room, you would love to have these corner accents in the vanity. It brings a simple and modern look to the room. And if you combine it with other geometrical lines, it can look so beautiful. Here below are some interesting corner accent brought by square shape in the vanity.

Wooden Corner
This one here puts a corner accent with its wooden table. The sharp corner on the table gives the setting a sharp look that balances with the neutral background. The rattan baskets and the bamboo baskets come in line with the table as well as the accessories on the wall.

Black Corner
This vanity counter looks strong and bold with black marble corner. The black sink complements the setting with the similar corner as well. While the counter is black, the cabinet under it looks neutral with wooden look. This black and wooden setting can be seen on the overall bathroom as well.

Concrete Corner
In this beautiful concrete bathroom, the corner is brought by floating concrete sink that looks subtle here. Although, the corner brings quite a strong accent. And this goes along with golden lines on the wall and door.

Floating Corner
This floating vanity look brilliant with the shelves and corner in the floating vanity. It also looks fierce and modern with the white sink and center.

Orange Corner
This pretty bathroom is served with orange cabinet that makes the entire bathroom, with grey wall and tiles. The orange floating cabinet makes a sharp corner that looks amazing in the middle of modern accents.

Pink Corner
This bathroom here has pink floating cabinet that looks so strong yet sweet at once. This square cabinet brings an interesting contrast to the natural setting with plants on the wall and fresh blue wall.

Shocking Corner
This bathroom also has a nice and pretty accents with shocking pink cabinet amid the neutral background. The cream pendants complements the setting beautifully.

Yellow Small Cabinet
This corner is brought by yellow small cabinet that looks cheerfully strong in the middle of white wall. It is also completed with white square sink on top of it. The combination of white yellow looks fresh and beautiful.

Cheerful Corner
Similar to the previous one, this one generates fiercely strong look of yellow color seen in the cabinet. The corners on the square cabinet brings an interesting accent along with the corner in the shelves.

Yellow Corner
This one is another yellow cheerful corner that makes the room looks enlightened. The white surrounding looks even brighter with this yellow sharp square sink and shelves, while being simple, gives an amazing accent.

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