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bathroom vanity, white wall, white tiny wall tiles, pink accent wall in curvy indented nook, LED lights, golden accents, round mirror, white floating vanity, white round sink Instagram - Studia 54

Bathroom, Grey Wall, Pink Herringbone Wall, Round Mirror, Wooden Floating Vanity With White Top, White Sink, Golden Faucet
Bathroom Vanity, Pink Herringbone Pattern, Glass Pendants With Golden Frame, Wooden Floating Vanity With White Top, White Sink, Golden Faucet, Round Mirror With Golden Frame
Bathroom Vanity, Blue Herringbone Tiles, Floating Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror, Pendants
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Wall, Black Backsplash, Black Floatig Vanity, Black Toilet, Black Indented Shelves, Round Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, Flowery Wall Tiles, Golden Faucet, Grey Floating Vanity, Round Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, White Wall, White Tiny Wall Tiles, Pink Accent Wall In Curvy Indented Nook, LED Lights, Golden Accents, Round Mirror, White Floating Vanity, White Round Sink
Bathroom, White Wall, Colorful Pastel Backsplash, White Round Mirror, Green Floating Vanity With White Top, White Sink
Bathroom Vanity, Pink Backsplash, Black Cabinet With White Top, Pink Round Sink, Golden Faucet, Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, Patterned Floor, White Zig Zag Tiles On Backsplash, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Round Mirror, Sconces
Bathroom Vanity, Green Leaves Wallpaper, Round Mirror With Golden Frame, Wooden Vanity Table, White Sink

Creating vanity is really fun. It can hepl beautifying your bathroom. It can make your time in brushing your teeth and getting ready for sleep or date becomes even more fun. And it will give you personal satisfaction. Well, a beautiful decoration would always make you feel happy. One of the things that can make your vanity looks good is by putting interesting backsplash. With different finish, your vanity will have different look. Here below is a compilation of beautiful backsplash you would want to see.

Black Tiny Hexagonal
Geometrical tiles are always interesting to use. Seen in this one, black tiny hexagonal tiles are used to decorate accent wall. It is completed with black floating shelves and cabinet that goes along with black floating vanity and black sink.

Flowery Vanity
If you love sweet and cheerful look, flowery tiles would be a perfect option for your backsplash. This one shows how flowers can beautify the backsplash easily. And the neutral floating vanity can complement this sweet and pretty look.

Pink Stones
Another sweet look is seen in this one below. The pink stones on the wall make a natural and pretty setting. This interesting backsplash blends perfectly well with the minimalist vanity with pink round sink.

Pink Herringbone
A soft and pastel look from pink subway tiles is irresistible. Install them on the wall in herringbone motive would make the wall even more interesting. This one here completes the setting with golden lines beautifully added by the mirror, pendants, and faucet.

Pastel Combination
Bathroom can look amazing with the use of pastel colors in the vanity. This one here uses pastel combination of colors and make the backsplash looks fun and sweet at the same time. This is supported with green floating vanity.

Greenery View
This bathroom has a fresh and interesting vanity. The wall is decorated with green leaves that gets along with wooden vanity table. The neutral setting feels just perfect for the green wall.

Simple Blue
Similar to the previous pink herringbone, this one here also uses herringbone motive to make a more interesting look on the blue subway tiles. Decorated with interesting glass pendants and wooden framed round mirror, the vanity is simple and pretty.

Elegant Pink
This backsplash looks gorgeous with the combination of pink and gold lines. The pink accent is decorated with flower shape of round mirror and golden leaves. And this pink accent is pronounced by golden lines and LED lights around it. This lovely accent makes the bathroom look even more glamorous.

Patterned Details
Creating pretty backsplash can also be done by using the details of the tiles. Seen in this one, the backsplash gives a subtle details of zigzag lines on the wall that is completed with neutral white and wood combination.

Modern Herringbone
This one here is another pink herringbone backsplash that look so pretty in its simple and modern look. The thin golden pendants bring even more beauty to the space along with the simple and minimalist floating vanity.

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