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10 living room, grey floor, white blue wall, grey sofa, rattan chair, rattan ottoman, round low side table, rattan pendants Poll Decor

04 Living Room, Black White Checkered Floor, Blue Wall, Blue Chairs, Blue Sofa, Pillows, Wooden Side Table, Table Lamp, Golden Mirror
10 Living Room, Grey Floor, White Blue Wall, Grey Sofa, Rattan Chair, Rattan Ottoman, Round Low Side Table, Rattan Pendants
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Grey Sofa, Red Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Blue Wall, Brown Leather Sofa, Nesting Coffee Table, Black Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Black White Rug, Mustar Chair, Brown Leather Sofa, Brown Tufted Ottoman, White Brick Fireplace With Wooden Top
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Painted Wall Inside The Built In Shelves, White Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Grey Sofa, Wooden Hexagonal Coffee Table, Rattan Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Grey Sofa, Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table, Wooden Side Table, White Moern Chandelier, Built In Shelves, White Cupboard
Living Room, White Rug, Soft Blue Sofa, Soft Blue Ovale Ottoman, White Chair, Soft Blue Wall, White Table Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Wallpaper Wall, Wooden Beams On Ceiling, Pendant From Beam, Blue Sofa, Wooden Round Side Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Glass Pendant, Blue Sofa, Wooden Rocking Chair, White Rug, Glass Top Coffee Table

Blue has been related to intelligence, wisdom, and tranquility. Thus, it is understandable when people color their room in blue. It looks calm and comfortable to relax. And if you love to go bright and bold, the bright blue will be able to accompany your wish too especially when it is completed with another bright color. Here below are ten stunning living room in blue wall that will make you fall in love.

Bright Blue
This living room here shows a very bright and bold spirit in decorating the living room. Accompanied with yellow chair and colorful accessories on the shelves makes it really merry. It is perfect for you who love to go bold and cheerful.

Soft Blue
Contrary to the previous one, this one here presents a soft blue room that goes along with the grey sofa and warm rug. It brings the room calmness and comfort at the same time.

Modern Blue
This beautiful modern living room looks so stunning with blue painted wall that is completed with blue sofa. Balancing it, the room is added with wooden rocking chair and glass top coffee table and white rug.

Golden Blue
In this blue living room, the ambiance is made to be elegant with the golden accent. IT is seen on the magazine holder, pillows, round tray table, mirror, and some other accessories. The room look modern, elegant, and different.

Comfortable Blue
This living room here, with its blue wall and rug, shows a comfortable aura. Added with brown leather sofa, it makes all the comfortable point is taken. It is a good place to hang around your friends and family.

Calm Blue
This one here is similar to the previous one with soft blue on the wall. Completed with white modern chandelier and reclaimed wooden coffee table, this one here shows a unique character with its details while also being modern.

Blue Accent
In this living room, the wall painted in blue is only some part of it that it.However, around white painted surface, it becomes more pronounced, especially when it is also a built-in shelves with wide cabinet top that can be a small bench.

Baby Blue
This one here is another living room with soft and calm blue ambiance. Not only on the wall, but the sofa, chair, and ottoman for the coffee table too. They are all in soft blue. And together, they create a soft and calm ambiance.

Fresh Blue
This one below shows a really fresh look on blue. The blue sofa looks comfortable on the neutral surrounding. And the blue leave wallpaper complements both the neutral lok and the blue sofa.

Blue and White
For a spacious living room, a soft blue will help the room to look even larger and thus more open. This one here shows a combination of white and neutral blue can look so pretty together. Completed with neutral furniture, the room is perfect.

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