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kitchen with ashen look of green wooden cabinet island, with brown wooden top, copper sink, rug, Farmhouse Magz

Kitchen With White Open Brick Wall, White Cabinet, Brown Kitchen Top, Windows, Silver Sink With Black Faucet
Kitcen With Wooden Floor, White Wooden Island With Dark Brown Wooden Top, Rattan Stool, White Wooden Cabinet On Top And Below The Kitchen Top
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Wooden Island With White Ceramic Top, Silver Sink, Grey Wooden Cabinet, Open Shelves, Black Pendant
Traditional Kitchen With Dark Green Cabinet, Dark Green Wall, Brown Wooden Cabinet On Top, Green Island With Brown Wooden Top, Industrial Chandelier
Kitchen With Marble Stone Floor, White Wooden Cabinet, Copper Sink, Black Faucet, Large Windows, Glass Cabinet On Top
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Wooden Cabinet With Brown Wooden Top, White Ceramic Sink, Silver Faucet, Windows With Shade
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Wooden Cabinet, Glass Cabinet On Top, Large Glass Windows, White Pendant, Big Wooden Table In The Middle
Kitchen With Ashen Look Of Green Wooden Cabinet Island, With Brown Wooden Top, Copper Sink, Rug,
Large Kitchen With White Cabinet Under Wooden Kitchen Top, White Cabinet With Glass Door On Top, Long Wooden Table In The Middle
Kitchen With Brown Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Larder, White Ceramic Sink, Dark Kitchen Top

If you are a kind of person who love traditional look and wants to maintain an old and antique look, Farmhouse theme might be a perfect theme for your kitchen. It has been a really popular theme throughout the year. With its love of lighting, large feeling, and old familiar ambiance, farmhouse kitchen has been an option people love to use in their kitchen. Let’s see some beautiful ideas here below that you might get inspiration from.


Beautiful Windows

Farmhouse kitchen is always associated with a kitchen with bright light coming from the windows.  Thus in enhancing farmhouse kitchen, you will need a beautiful windows that let you have all the lighting you can.


Display Cabinet

One of the proud in farmhouse kitchen is the kitchen tools tidily stored. And that’s why in maintaining farmhouse kitchen, it would add the traditional value of having display cabinet like here. Especially when it matches the color scheme of the room.


Old Wooden Look

Wood is an essential choice to pick when you try to build farmhouse kitchen because in the olden days, obviously the furniture would be all in wood. If you want to go further, obtaining an old looking wood, that will bring out all the warmth of traditional theme.


Adding Island

If you have quite wide space, adding island in the middle will always be a great idea. It can be a place for you to cook and to socialize with people in the house.


Simple and Tidy

This one here below can show you one perfect day in a farmhouse kitchen. Its wooden composition perfectly match each other. The white cabinet, the kitchen top, even the table in the middle. The color of this kitchen also balanced each other with white and brown color.


Darker Color

Even though farmhouse love light color, it does not mean that dark color is prohibited to use. As long as you have wide space and enough light to your kitchen, dark color can be implemented well, just like this one here.


Rattan Touch

Completing all the checklist in the farmhouse kitchen, this one here adding an accent that makes the kitchen looks fun and more textured. The rattan material blends well with the wooden surrounding.


Long Table

In this kitchen below, the white cabinet are in white and both under the kitchen top and on top of it. The one on top of the kitchen top is with glass door that it looks so traditional. The wooden kitchen top brings a brown line in the kitchen. The interesting thing is the long wooden table in the middle that can help you to be a kind of island, and dining table if you want.


Old Yet Elegant

If you love a beautiful farmhouse kitchen with no clutter, marble kitchen and island top, you will love this one. The natural feeling is so strong yet it’s all still traditional and tidy. The best ting is the combination in the dark brown framed large window, copper sink, and island.


Modern Farmhouse

A combination of modern and traditional can make some clash but it can be beautiful too. Like this one here below, the warmth of wooden furniture can keep up with the traditional ambiance. However, the clean lines tell us all about the modern notion.

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