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kitchen, wooden floor, patterned backsplash, blue cabinet, wooden counter top Behance

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Patterned Backsplash, Blue Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, Blue Cabinet, White Backsplash, Patterned Floor, Silver, Wooden Counter Top
Small Kitchen, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Blue Gloss Cabinet, White Marble Backsplash, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Blue Wall, Wooden Cabinet
Kitchen, White Subway Bcksplash, Patterned Floor, Blue Kitchen Cabinet, Blue Chest,
Kitchen, Patterned Backsplash, White Cabinet, Blue Cabinet, Hexagonal Floor Tiles
Kitchen, Blue White Striped, Blue Cabinet, White Counter Top, Blue Patterned Curtain, White Ceiling Lamp
Small Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Backsplash, White Wall, Gloss Blue Cabinet, White Counter Top, White Dining Table
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Subway Backsplash, Blue Bottom Cabinet, White Top Cabinet
Kitchen, White Floor, Patterned Floor, White Subway Backsplash, White Top Cabinet, White Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Cabinet, White Hexagonal Backsplash, Hexagonal Patterned On The Rug, Silver Hood

After the pink kitchens, it is time to see the compilation of blue kitchens. While pink can bring out sweet and soft look, blue can bring relaxing, calming and luxurious look. It can be added in many things, like cabinet, floor or even backsplash as you will be able to see under below.

Small Fresh Look
Even in the small space you can create an incredible kitchen. This one below lets the kitchen to have a beautiful illumination from the glossy surface in the cabinet. It also brings fresh look with the glossy blue cabinet. The white backsplash gives balance and neutral background to the room.

Traditional Blue
This traditional kitchen looks amazing even in a small space. The simple white backsplash brings a minimalist detail to the traditional ambiance. Painted in blue, the kitchen looks strong, especially with patterned floor and chest near the window.

Modern Blue
If you are decorating modern kitchen, blue color would help you to get an interesting look without making the kitchen looks too much. With smooth surface and minimalist details, this kitchen successfully brings the blue cabinet as the boldest accent.

Sweet Blue
While blue can look so amazing in modern ambiance, blue can also look pretty and strong with patterns. This one puts white patterned backsplash and floor in the space that looks so great with the blue cabinet. Among the blue cabinet, the white backsplash looks luminous.

Gloss Blue
Another beautiful gloss blue kitchen is seen in this one below. The shimmery look on the top cabinet looks strong and beautiful, combined with neutral wooden bottom cabinet. The white marble backsplash is also glimmering but in more subtle and neutral way. This is a nice match for the wooden bottom and on the side cabinet.

Blue Galley
This small and narrow space is incredible with light blue cabinet combined with white counter top and some striped accents on the wall and backsplash. The white ceiling lamp helps the small room to look bright along with the large glass window.

Dark Bottom
This kitchen looks really bright and amazing with farmhouse details on the floor, cabinet, and the curtain. These details make the kitchen incredible as it combines the neutral color with traditional look.

Light Kitchen
Decorating a small kitchen in light and soft color is really helpful. It will make the kitchen looks larger and more airy, like this one here. This one here puts light and soft blue cabinet among the neutral off white ambiance and this soft blue cabinet looks strong without looking too much.

Blue Farmhouse Kitchen
This small kitchen brings out a warm look in its traditional ambiance. The blue cabinet brings calm and relaxing vibe while the subtle patterned on the backsplash give nice details to the kitchen.

Elegance Farmhouse
This farmhouse kitchen looks elegant as the white hexagonal backsplash make an elegant modern detail on the kitchen while the blue traditional cabinet makes a nice and warm ambiance.

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