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nursery, green wall, white wall, white curtain, rattan rug, white wooden crib, rattan basket, rattan chairs with stool with fur cushion Hunker

Nursery, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Crib, Dark Green Wall, White Wooden Framed Window, White Curtain
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Rattan Basket, Green Wall, White Wall, White Wooden Crib
Kids Bedroom, Patterned Wallpaper, Green Wall, White Furrle Curtain, White Fur Chair, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Cabinet
Kids Bedroom, Light Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Wooden Sofa Bed, Green Wall, Balloon Pendant, Curtain, Floating Wall Decoration
Nursery, Beige Floor, Dark Green Wall, White Wall, Ceiling Fan, Wooden Cabinet, Pink Chair, Brown Curtain, Hanging Plant, Moroccan Rug
Nursery, Wooden Floor, Polka Dot Rug, Floating Display Shelves, Dark Gree Wall, White Wall, Wooden Crib, White Chair With Ottoman
Nursery, Dark Wooden Floor, Crib, Green Wall, Rattan Pendant, Ceiling Decoration, White Cabinet, Shade
Kids Bedroom, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Floor, Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, White Drawer Under, Rattan Ottoman
Nursery, Green Wall, White Wall, White Curtain, Rattan Rug, White Wooden Crib, Rattan Basket, Rattan Chairs With Stool With Fur Cushion
Kids Bedroom, Chevron Wooden Floor, Rattan Bed Platform, White Wall, Green Wall, White Cupboard, White Rug, Wall Sticker, Pendant With Decoration

Children can have any color in their room. As they are young and can change so much in a short time, it is possible to change their room style many times. These ones below are children’s bedroom with green wall that bounds to bring refreshed and calm look to the room, thus to the children.

Pretty in Green
Although green is regarded as a unisex color, it can actually prettify a girl’s room too. Seen in the picture below is a girl’s room with patterned wallpaper combined with pastel green wall. The combination brings a more alive ambiance to the room.

Fun Green
Similar to the previous one, green color that is used in this room is the soft one. It is a great sight when it is used as a background. Combined with white and yellow, green is really complimenting.

Calm the Room
In this bedroom, green wall here can bring calm and an accent of its own. Combined with wooden and rattan material, the bedroom looks balanced in terms of cold and warm strength. The fun thing about this bedroom is the pendant with bird cage around it.

Bedroom for Two
For a space that will be used together, green can be really calming and fun at the same time. This one here makes the room more interesting as it combines two colors on the wall and the furniture compliment the looks perfectly well.

Green Nursery
Green is a calming and universal color that can be used no only on the bedroom but also in the nursery. This soft green wall is a refreshing look for the nursery. It matches perfectly with wooden material on the crib and floor.

Dark Green
While the previous ones use soft green and get the graceful and interesting color, this one here puts dark color to add depth and bold impression. The white crib, window frame, curtain, and rug makes the stark differences looks more interesting.

Bohemian Nursery
As bohemian style roots for neutral and natural look, green can easily be an option to paint the wall. This one here shows a strong dark green on the wall with crib and mirror on its side. With beige, brown, and red, the green wall looks stronger while contrasting the rest of the room.

Deep Green
This one here not only shows dark green but deep dark green. Having green this dark is like having black in another option. Just like black, it adds depth and it makes stark contrast to the white surroundings.

Green Statement
For a neutral or white bedroom, green can be a great option for the statement wall. As it is said before, green creates beautiful contrast for white and it compliments brown prettily too. As for this one here in the picture, it looks perfect with all the color, texture, and space.

Clash Corner
With green and white wall, the corner where it meets can be an interesting spot to read or play. This one here lets the corner offers its own significance.

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