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Kitchen With Mostly In With Brown Cabinet, Long Wooden Island With Island Pendant
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Brown Wooden Cabinet With White Marble Top, Wooden Dining Set. White Cabinet, Glass Chandeliers
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Tiles, Blue Wooden Island With White Top, Half Round Dining Table With Wooden Chairs, Hanging Lamps
Minimalist Kitchen With White Drum Pendant With Golden Framed
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Grey Cabinet, White Island, Cage Chandelier
Farmhouse Kitchen In Minimalist Colour And Furniture With Big Round Bulbs
Kitchen With Dark Brown Wooden Floor, White Furniture, White Cabinet, Glass Cage Chandelier
Hanging Lamp With Little Lamps Gather In Ball Shaped
Romantic Kitchen With White Ornamented Cabinet, Island, White Drum Pendants
Pendants With Ornate Golden Frames

When choosing light fixture in a room, you would need to consider which part of the room that you want to illuminate the most and how the lighting you want to shine on your room, is it vividly bright or romantically dimmed. By deciding that, it would be easy to determine where the lamp would be placed and what kind of light to put. If you want bright light, you can put hanging lamp without dimmer. They way you set your light will determine the ambience of the room.

Ball of Light

If you have a minimalist kitchen with corner dining area, with no focal point, you can put a hanging lamp shaped like a ball with little lamps that will definitely take all attention when it’s turned on. The little light in the lamps will not give out too strong light but as it gathers together, it will be able to shine your dining area undoubtedly.


Beautiful Pendants

Even simple pendants can be complicated once it has more details and that sometimes will make something more beautiful. In a simple kitchen and dining area with white and wooden colour, you can make something pop. Something complicated can pop easily in this simple colour.


Island Chandelier

One way to save your space is by using your island as both your dining area and the extension of cooking space. To light such a long shaped surface, a long pendant or chandelier is more sufficient and that is why a long chandelier is the best fit for it.


Big Round Bulb

In a minimalist room, modern look is easily achieved with nothing to fancy in shape and lines and everything is in the right place to use. In this white tiles wall kitchen, with floating shelves and white cabinet, the dining area is so simple with only long table and chairs. To maintain this simple look, simple pendant is required. And that’s why this big round bulbs suit the best.


Drum Chandelier

In this romantic look kitchen that looks warm, priceless, and elegant in any way. The wooden floor adds warmth to the creamy whites of walls and ceiling. With all that, something classic like drum pendant complements the look beautifully.


Intricate Frame

Unlike the previous ones, this one here has more intricate details to the pendant. With its difficult pattern of golden frame, it looks definitely astounding in the middle of white kitchen with wooden floor.


Lantern Chandelier

To add dramatic effects on your kitchen while illuminating it, you can choose cage chandelier that have some pattern in the top so that it will cast an interesting shadow in your ceiling.


Candlelight Dinner

One way to illuminate a room with warm light is by using yellow and orange light. If the room is already with wooden floor and wooden furniture, the warmth will embrace you wholly.


Gathering Lights

If you need your kitchen and dining area to be in bright light but you don’t want to be too strong, you can always put some different lights together. Like this one in the picture, you can see cage chandelier which if it stands alone, it will be really dimmed but this one has several of it. Moreover, in the dining area, they put globe chandelier.


Glass Cage Chandelier

It’s always beautiful to put chandelier among your white and brown wooden furniture. However, this kind of chandelier with glass cage around it brings out its prettiness even more.

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