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kids bedroom with brown rug, black wall with baseball wallpaper, ball ottoman, glove chair, coffee table with bats feet, two beds, metal bedding Decorating Den Interiors

Kids Bedroom With Brown Rug, Black Wall With Baseball Wallpaper, Ball Ottoman, Glove Chair, Coffee Table With Bats Feet, Two Beds, Metal Bedding
Kids Bedroom With White Wall, White Rug, Sot Purple Bed Linen, White Rug Bench, White Wooden Shelves, White Bench With Soft Purple Cushion, Blind Curtain
Kids Bedroom With White Wall, Peach Flooring With Green Rug, White Bed, Grey Ottoman, Grey Blanket, Green Side Table
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Flooring, Soft Peach Rug, White Bedding, White Fur Bench, White Built In Shelves, Window Nook, And Study Area, Table Lamps, Fan
Kids Bedroom With Bold Blue Rug, Painting, Two Two Level Beddings With Bed In The Lvel Above, Study Area Under, Ottoman, Chandelier
Kids Bedroom With Black Wooden Floor, White Stripped Blue Rug, Round Black Metal Shelves, White Bedding
Kids Bedroom With Grey Rug, Wallpaper, Grey Cabinet, Shelves, Mirror, Green Bedding
Kids Room With White Wooden Stage With Built In Bed, Side Table, And Shelves, Oval Clear Swing, Brown Wooden Floor
Kids Bedroom With Grey Wall, Striped Flooring, Two Plaid Beddings, Brown Stool
Kids Bedroom With Wooden Flooring, White Table, Red Chair, White Shelves, White Bed, Blue Painted Side Of The Wall

Bedroom for kids have quite different style with bedroom for adults. With kids, we would want the bedroom to be cheerful, fun, and suit their age. And of course it all depends on the characters of the kids. Some kids are really energetic they love to actively play and some kids are tender and like to play with their dolls instead. Well, as there are many kinds of character, there will be many kinds of kids’ bedroom as well that we’ll see below.

Two Different Tones

Here in the first picture, we have really bold and cheerful colours in a kid’s bedroom. However, we can also see that in this room, there are two tones inside this blue bold rug and walls. These soft pink tones and blue tones remark the two separated areas that are set beautifully and in fun way that the kids who have the area would be thrilled. The beds are set in the level above and the empty space under the bed are arranged to be the study are for them.


Soft Purple

For those kids who like to have soft colour in their room, this kind of bedroom might be the best choice with its comfortable bed cover, simple drum table lamp, white shelves and a nook beside the window that is covered with blinds.


Sporty Room

For the children who love sport, you can decorate the room with their favourite sport or team. You can choose the wallpaper that shows the sport and or team. The pillows in the shape of sport equipment are easy to find too.  The accessories can be the neon lamp and the equipments itself.


Soft Nude Feminine Room

For a gentle kid, you can choose nude colour for the wall and using soft or white furniture to complete the room. The accessories like fur, pillows, and wall decoration would really complement the room when it also has soft colour.


Long Lasting Look

Sometimes, we thought that kids will always be kids but the fact is that they grow so fast and with them, the changes too. The taste of some who is 5 years old can be really different with a 6-year-old even though it’s only one year differences. Thus, having a room that will have long lasting look can be really convenient. This one here has neutral wall and floor colour and texture. The accessories and the bed are also long lasting.


Trendy Room

If you want the kid’s room more artistic and contemporary, a built in shelves and bedding in a stage can always help. Kids tend to love stairs and this one have enough. An oval clear plastic swing would be the best treat to your kid. And if you choose to have it in minimalist to make it long lasting, you can play colour in the wallpaper, a thing that is not difficult to change.


Striped Floor

An interesting striped floor helps a minimalist room to have its childish character. The last touch would be the dolls and it’s ready for kids to stay the night.


Broad Brush

Decorating a kid’s room doesn’t mean that you have to arrange it all in cheerful colour. Similar with those aforementioned, this one is actually in quite minimalist colour of white and brown wooden floor, before the blue brush is painted in the wall and the bed linen is chosen.


Simple Boyish Room

If there is a manly room, this one is quite a boyish room with its black wooden floor and round shelves that looks so gallant. The white bedding looks so simple and it shows that it doesn’t take too much for a valiant boy to sleep into it.


Simple Girl

This is another example of a simple room with soft colour tones. With pillows, basket, ottoman, and blanket which are in the same colour, everything in this room suits each other perfectly.

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