The Simplicity of Mid-Century Modern Sofa that Survived Half Decade

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pale mossy green tufted sofa with curved wooden framed and wooden feet Houzz

Brown Leathered Midcentury Sofa With Pillows And Grey Chairs With Sleek Lines Design
Orange Leathered Corner Sofa With Metal Feet
Pale Mossy Green Tufted Sofa With Curved Wooden Framed And Wooden Feet
Dark Grey Smooth Lined Sofa Accompanied With Wooden Chairs With Simple Red Cushion
Earthy Yellow Sofa With Tufted Backs And Cushion
Simple Blue Corner Midcentury Modern Sofa
Brown Leathered Cushion On Flat Metal Planks With Metal Feet
Long Warm Blue Midcentury Sofa And Warm Stripped Couch
Earthy Orange Midcentury Love Sofa
Moss Green Midcentury Modern Sofa With Wooden Feet And Woode Armrest

Midcentury or modern style is one of the styles that are still in demand even these days. It’s because its sleek and unique lines are simple yet beautiful for modern life. To give a great impact on midcentury look in a room, you will need a midcentury modern sofa or chairs. Here, you will show see how beautiful the chairs and sofas are to have in your room, especially in your living room.

Warm Comfortable Chairs

Here you can see there are two grey chairs with sleek and smooth line and one brown leather sofa. All the simplicity shows the modernity in it. The earthy colors are also one of the characters of midcentury modern style.

Simple Blue Corner Sofa

As midcentury modern style always prompts on the simplicity, this blue sofa is all about the same thing. With tufted back, there isn’t much to details beside how smooth the sofa looks. The coffee table is also an ottoman in square shape matched the sofa.

Earthy Orange Corner Sofa

Earthy colors are one of the characters in midcentury modern styles that will make your room warmer and make it more of character in the room. With its smooth lines in the design and without any complicated ornament, this is perfect for your modern room.

Warm Yellow Long Sofa

With the same warm earthy spirit as before, this long yellow sofa delivers simplicity and comfort for the eyes. It complements the sleek lines from the table and fireplace.

Lovely Earthy Blue Sofa

In this long sofa, you can see how the sleek of the feet support the earthy color sofa. Accompanied by a warm stripped comfortable chair which represents midcentury modern style, this blue sofa looks stunning.

Mossy Green Sofa

To complete the look of your comfortable living room, besides earthy yellow, brown, or orange, something green will definitely help you. And of course, the design is simple and looks really stylish in any room either with midcentury modern theme or contemporary theme.

Warm on Leather Sofa

Even though that it is not strictly speaking that leather is commonly used in midcentury styles, seeing that it gives us the curves that we need without giving any ornaments. This warm colored leather sofa is perfect for a midcentury theme room.

Curved Sofa with Wooden Feet on Dark Grey

Accompanied with midcentury wooden chairs, this dark grey sofa complements each other in the right way. With brown rug and glass top curvy coffee table with matched wooden table, the room is completed.

Pale Mossy Green

If you don’t want to give strong midcentury look, you can try the pale colors that are not so warm for the furniture so that you will still have the sleek curve and simplicity but it won’t be too bold.

Simple Brown Leathered Cushion

In this picture, it is not only the simplicity of the colors that you might like but it is also the design. It is simply sofa cushion put in flat surface that creates comfortably stylish seating.

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