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minimalist bedroom, grey floor tiles, wooden sliding door, white wall, wooden pendant, white bedding, wooden side table, rattan chair with blue cushion Hack the Hut

Minimalist Storage, Grey Floor, White Curtain, Hanging Rod, Wooden Shelves
Minimalist Bathroom, Grey Surface On Floor, Wall, Partition, Floating Vanity, Brown Earthen Ware Sink, Floating Cabinet With Mirror, Wooden Floor, Blue Framed Window
Minimalist Kids Bedroom, Wooden Flor, Grey Rug, White Grey Wall, Blue Wooden Ceiling, Round Wooden Table, Round Wooden Stools, Two Wooden Bed Platform With Drawers Under
Minimalist Reading Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Off White Cushion, Built In Table, Black Table Lamp, Glass Window
Minimalist Bedroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Wooden Sliding Door, White Wall, Wooden Pendant, White Bedding, Wooden Side Table, Rattan Chair With Blue Cushion
Minimalist Dining Set, Round Wooden Table, Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seating, Black Pendant
Minimalist Wooden Shelves, Off White Wall, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, Bamboo Stool, Rattan Basket
Minimalist Kitchen, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Sink, Off White Wall, Floating Shelves, White Marble Floor
Minimalist Study, Wooden Floor, Wooden Wall, White Wooden Cabinet, White Ceiling, Black Study Table, Black Office Chair
Minimalist Living Room, Grey Floor, Rug, Window Nook, Pillows, Hanging Fireplace, Wooden Curvy Bench, Pendant

IF you love minimalist style, you would love these stunning rooms below. By choosing ten different point in a house, these ones here will show you the best minimalist touches that you can do in your house.

Minimalist Kids Room
Although minimalist room sounds like adult things, you can actually create a minimalist kids bedroom too. This one here shows how simple wooden floor, wooden bed platform, and wooden study table set all in light colored can give you the minimalist look. And, to make it more suitable for children, this one here paints the ceiling in a different color.

Minimalist Master Bedroom
This one here is a beautiful minimalist master bedroom with all the neutral color on the wall, floor, and bedding. The inside is also really simple with only bed, small side table, vanity and mirror, and wooden pendant. And the outside balcony holds a pretty look too with rattan lounge chair with blue tufted cushion.

Minimalist Reading Nook
Although reading nook in minimalist style can be really minimal to the extent of making it uncomfortable to sit down too long, this one here successfully creates a minimalist nook without forgetting the comfortable touch like cushion and pillows.

Minimalist Storage
One of the ways to make the bedroom really clean and tidy is by separating the cupboard and creating walking closet. This one here can be a great inspiration in creating walking closet. The storage room is simply offering you to put your clothes either in hanging rod or in the wooden shelves.

Minimalist Living Room
Although minimalist can be a little cold in their look, this one here can maintain the warmth of the room by using thick rug, wooden bench, and window nook with cushion and pillows. The hanging fireplace obviously makes it even warmer.

Minimalist Library
Those who live in a minimalist way of life might not keep their hard copy book. However, if you are a serious bookworm, you might like to know that the options of storing the book in shelves including this kind of simple and pretty wooden bookshelves.

Minimalist Study
There are many ways to decorate your study. You might want to be so comfortable in doing your work without getting sleepy too easily. A tidy space can help you focus on your work and make it easy to remember where you put your older works.

Minimalist Bathroom
Going minimalist in the bathroom might sound so easy but don’t forget about the slip and the moist. This one here uses grey cement on the entire surface of floor, wall, and floating vanity. It adds color when it brings in wooden floating wall cabinet, wooden boards under the brown earthenware sink, and wooden floor in the shower room to avoid some slips. And it also adds blue framed window to maximize air flows and put some bold look.

Minimalist Dining Room
This one here shows a minimalist dining room with its beautiful details. The minimalist wooden round table perfectly matched the wooden chairs with rattan seating.

Minimalist Kitchen
This kitchen has a clean look with the smooth surface on the cabinet, kitchen top, wall,and the floating shelves.

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