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open kitchen, white cabinet, wooden upper cabinet, white island, green framed stool, copper pendants Built by Wilson

Open Kitchen, Wooen Cabinet Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, Black Marble Top, Wooden Island With Black Marble Top
Open Kitchen, White Upper Cabinet, Bottom Cabinet, White Island With White Marble, Wooden Stools, Copper Pendants
Open Kitchen, White Upper Cabinet, Bottom Cabinet, White Marble Island, Glass Backsplash With Black Frame, Black Stools
Open Kitchen, Black Upper Cabinet, White Marble Island With Wooden Top, Golden Wooden Stools, Golden Pendants
Open Kitchen, White Cabinet, Wooden Upper Cabinet, White Island, Green Framed Stool, Copper Pendants
Open Kitchen, Black Modern Upper Cabinet, Bottom Cabinet, Clear Glass Backsplash, Black Modern Island, Wooden Stools
Kitchen, Wooen Floor, Grey Seamless Wall, Blue Cabinet, Black Tiles, Wooden Table, Blue Chairs, Blue Green White Pendants
Open Kitchen, Black Cabinet, Tall Glass Windows, Black Bottom Cabinet, Black White Island
Open Kitchen, Green Wall, White Black Pendants, Pink Floating Shelves, Pink Island With Terazzo Top
Open Ktichen, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Grey Marble Island, White Pendants, Black Stools, Grey Subway Backsplash, Glass Window

Kitchen is a place to create and it is also a place to social gathering. For those who love to invite their friends and family to their home would love to create the kitchen in a comfortable and fun way. If you love to get some refreshing look, you might love the open kitchen setting. Here below are some inspirations that you would find interesting, pretty, and gorgeous both to cook and to get together with people.

Black Framed Freshness
This open kitchen makes an easy look with its open setting and fresh details. The black long lines on the island, upper and bottom cabinet shows strong details which has been completed with strong fresh features on the glass backsplash and doors.

Fresh White
If you love to give fresh look, white can help you with that. This white kitchen looks fresh with the glass backsplash and elegance with the marble on the island. The black stools give pretty contrast to the space.

Tall Minimalism
This open kitchen brings out easy look with white seamless wall and ceiling and combines it with black vertical and horizontal cabinet. The tall lanky glass window gives fresh details in it.

Japanese Minimalist
For those who love minimalist look inspired from Japanese interior design, this kitchen would be the best option. The wooden cabinet makes a natural setting that is supported by grey marble top. The matching island makes it the best pair.

Neutral Fresh
A combination of glass window, white elegant cabinet and neutral grey island looks so stunningly fresh in this one. The grey marble island and backsplash gives a calming look in this bright and fresh kitchen.

Minimalist Kitchen
This kitchen brings out a fresh look with its white cabinet and its wooden floor and stools. The copper pendants in this neutral kitchen gives a subtle twist to the serene neutral kitchen.

Serenely Fresh
This is another fresh and natural kitchen that you will love to have. The wooden upper cabinet is perfectly align with the white cabinet and island while the green stools beautify the kitchen perfectly well.

Elegance in Freshness
The open kitchen in this one gives out freshness with its white marble and the contrast of black cabinet on the back. The golden stools with wooden seat matches the golden pendants above.

Blue Details
This one is a great inspiration for those who love industrial theme. The seamless wall makes the blue cabinet look so pronounced without putting the space look so crowded. The wooden table and blue chairs gets along with the blue cabinet as well as the blue pendants.

Fun Terrazzo
Fun looks strong in this kitchen with its colorful terrazzo pattern. The pink island blends very well with the colorful patterns as well as the modern pendants.

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