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small open kitchen with white dining table, pink blue chairs, white pendant, wooden cabinet, wooden kitchen wall, white wall, wooden rack, blue floor Woon Home

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Round Wooden Table, Soft Orange Chairs, Black Wired Pendant, Black Wooden Background On The Wall
Dining Room, White Marble Table, Soft Colored Velvety Chairs, White Wall, Mirror, White Fireplace, Off White Floor
Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Modern Designed Chair, Grey Wall, Grey Floating, Wooden Floating Chelves, Black Pendant, Different Chairs
Dining Table With White Table, White Yellow Green Midcentury Modern Chairs, White Wall, Black Pendants, Soft Rug, Grey Floor
Dining Room, Pink Rug, Wooden Table With Blue Wooden Legs, Pink, Blue, White Chairs, Pale Pink Wall, Rattan Pendant, White Ceiling With Molding
Small Open Kitchen With White Dining Table, Pink Blue Chairs, White Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Wall, White Wall, Wooden Rack, Blue Floor
Smal Open Kitchen With Blue Cabinet, Blue Floor, White Wall, Silvery Bulb Pendant, Blue Shelves, Blue Chairs With Wooden Legs, White Round Table With Brown Woden Legs
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Black Wooden Table, Warm Terracotta Chairs, Golden Wired Pendants, Blue Cabinet, White Wall, Wire Floating Shelves, Grey Cabinet
Dining Room, Beige Floor, Blue Wall, Blue Chairs, Wooden Table, Rattan Covered Pendant, Plants On Hanging Shelves
Dining Room, White Floor, White Wall, Blue Different Chairs, Wooden Round Table, Wooden Pendant, White Island, Blue Floating Cabinets

There are many looks that we can try to decorate dining room. It can follow any styles. And it can also be decorated by color while following some styles. While bold colors can be exciting, these ones use soft colors to create calm ambiance. These ten stunning dining rooms will give you some look inspirations you will love with their soft and pale colors.

Feeling Blue
In this beautiful blue dining room, the soft colors on the wall and chairs match perfectly while natural beige colors complement the look perfectly on the floor, table, and pendant.

Soft Terracotta
This small and comfortable dining set radiates warmth. With its soft terracotta chairs and those with patterned, the round dining set looks comfortable to sit in. Completed with black wired pendant that matches the black round dining table, the set is perfectly balanced.

Blue Differences
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses blue for the chairs. However, to add unique touch, the chairs are in different shape and design. It creates an interesting look but with subtler differences as the colors are the same.

Pale Matches
On this open kitchen with grey background, the dining set has been a great compliment with some fusion on the chairs. As you can see, it mixes the white modern designed chairs, pink midcentury modern chair, red modern chair, and wooden chair together. The grey kitchen, although looks pale, is balanced by the interesting fusion.

Pretty Pale
This one here shows a pretty look with pale pink wall and white ceiling with molding details. Completed by rattan pendant, the ceiling perfects itself. The wooden dining table looks so simple at first but with blue legs, it becomes a pretty sight. Accompanied with pink, blue, and white chairs, the set is gorgeous. Even the pink patterned rug matched the pale sight.

Small Room
Having soft and pale look can make a room looks spacious. And that’s why it’s always a good idea to have soft colored room when you have small space. This one here is a beautiful example of a small open kitchen with pale colored dining table. The neutral environment gives a great background for the soft blue and pink chairs accompanying the white round table completed with white pendant. The soft blue color on the floor prettify the room perfectly well.

Small Blue Room
Similar to the previous one, this one here shows a stunning modern small open kitchen with dining set in the middle. It also have blue floor that gives its own feeling to the room. With matching blue cabinet in the kitchen, the dining set looks gorgeous with blue chairs.

With Golden Touch
Although the room looks pale with its light wooden floor, white wall, soft blue cabinet, and warm terracotta chairs on the dining set. The golden pendant gives an interesting light to the room.

Soft Chairs
This dining room shows an incredible minimalism. The soft colors look so neutral and it makes the room look fabulous.

Velvety Chairs
While the previous one uses soft colored chairs, this one uses not only soft colors but also soft material for the chairs. Accompanying white marble table, these chairs are perfect match. It makes a luxurious sight.

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