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small plywood with mirror and shelves on pegboard Your DIY Family

Plywood Boards For Decoration Board
Plywood For Pegboards With Shelves And Hooks
Plywood, Pegboard With Shelves, Mirror, Hook
Plywood Bookcase With Drawers
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Two Tone Wall, Black Bedding, Pegboards With Shelvs And Hook
Small Plywood With Mirror And Shelves On Pegboard
Plywood Boards For Pegboard With Hooks, Shelves, Boxes
Plywood For Pegboards With Black Boards Shelves, Decorative Wall Cover
Plywood With Mirror And Some Little Shelves
Floating Plywood For Study Box For Children

Plywood has been a great material in furniture especially furniture that does not need to support heavy things. It’s usually for decorations an such. With its thin and light look, plywood can give a great minimalist look especially for those who seek minimalist finish. These below are some ideas on how plywood can beautify your house.

In the Entrance
In the entrance of a house, hooks, shelves, and shoe rack are sometimes needed so that it’s all tidily kept and easily pick for when people are going out. Plywood offers the simplicity on doing it with pegboard. You can put hooks, shelves, or boxes, just like in this picture below.

New Shelves
Instead of adding new shelves, adding pegboards can help you get all the shelves you need. You can even move the space the way you want it. Adding and losing the boards you don’t need can be easily done.

In the Kitchen
Not only in the bedroom, pegboard can also be used in the kitchen. Storing your mugs and cups can be easily adjusted with pegboards.

Decorative Plywood
Not only for pegboards, plywood can also be used to add some decorative layer to the wall. Seen in this picture is a combination of plywood used as pegboard and as decorative wall. IT is a pretty as well as practical.

Simple Use
The simpler use of plywood is seen in the picture below where a board of plywood is stand against the wall. It is used simple to stick some pictures. With some simple thin boards to give some small shelves, this plywood looks pretty to be in the bedroom.

Mirror and Shelves
This one here uses plywood to tidy up the space where mirror and make up usually clutter around. With this boards, getting ready is practical and making you feel better too.

Combining Function
In this one, it seems like all the function of plywood boards is summarized well. This one has the mirror, the shelves and pegboards, also the hooks. You can organize everything important in one board only.

plywood, pegboard with shelves, mirror, hook

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Wooden Organizer
Similar to the previous one, this one too will help you getting ready in the morning. However, this one here is smaller. This one is usually what you have hung in the bathroom. With this natural wooden look, it will be great for a room with modern or minimalist vibe.

Light Bookcase
Another thing that will look good with plywood is bookcase. As plywood is quite thin, it will give the bookcase light and minimalist look. This one below has brought simplicity and pretty sight in the room.

Study Focus
The other thing that you can do with plywood is creating study box. This one here has floating study box that enables kids to study with less disturbance. The end of the table can also be used as bookshelves as well as the top of the box.

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