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white boho bedroom with white pull out bed, white wall, white curtain, green plants, white wall, white ceiling Glitter Guide

Bedroom, Grey Floor, White Rug, White Wooden Plants Wall, Wooden Headboard, White Beding, Grey Blanket, Light Grey Curtain, Wooden Bench, Rattan Basket, Wooden Traditional Light
Bedroom, Brown Rug, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Wide Table, Moroccan Hanging Side Lamp, White Bedding, White Curtain
White Boho Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rug, White Bedding, White Blanket, White Curtain, Basket
Boho Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Warm Rug, White Bedding, White Wall, White Ceiling, Plants On The Floor, Foating Shelves, Guitar
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Bedding, Macrame, Small White Wooden Partition, Wooden Rattan Side Table, Plants
Boho Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Wooden Beam, Wooden Bench With Rattan Seating, White Bedding, Curtain
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Bedding, Wooden Bed Platform Detailed Headboard, Wooden Chandelier, White Round Side Table
Boho Bedroom With Grey Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Boho Bed Platform, White Built In Shelves, Round Mirror, White Bedding, White Wall
White Bedroom, Rug Floor, White Bedding, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Curtain, Side Table, Table Lamp, Hammock Swinging Chair
White Boho Bedroom With White Pull Out Bed, White Wall, White Curtain, Green Plants, White Wall, White Ceiling

Although bohemian look has been closely related to colorful decorations, it does not mean that it can’t work well on white color. Below are some pretty white bedroom with bohemian style that you will fall in love with.

Simple Room
Bohemian style can touch from the smallest room with lowest budget to a master bedroom with grand design. The natural touch is too irresistible to ignore. Seen here in the picture is a white bedroom with the touch pf plants both hanging and put on the floor. Although it is only a white pull out bed, it still look so comfortable with the fringed blanket.

Pretty in White
White has been a color that makes a room feels pretty and innocent. In bohemian inspired room like this one, white is used in the curtain that falls beautifully that it makes the room prettier.

Comfortable White
While white is pretty and innocent, it is also easy to create a comfortable with white. IT’s a clean and neutral color that it makes people to feel familiar easily. Seen in this picture below is a small bedroom in all white without forgetting the plants and natural touch on it.

Macrame in Sight
Macrame has been a distinctive decoration of a bohemian inspired room, no less than shown in this picture below. Put on the wall, this white macrame gives the final touch on the white neutral bedroom.

Warm White
While white can be a little too stark, adding warm look like wooden floor or earthy rug can be done to make it less formal. Seen in this one, plants, wooden floor, and warm looked rug are added without ruining the white aspect is a great idea too.

Pretty Sight
Similar to the previous one, in acquiring bohemian look, this one uses white curtain on four sides. Completed with simple bed platform, the bed itself is beautiful. The Moroccan hanging bedside table looks amazingly exotic that adds more boho point.

White Grey
In creating more layered look, combining white with another color in light hue can be really beautiful. Seen here, white is combined with light grey that makes the room looks amazing. Completed with wooden headboard, bench, bedside table, and bedside cabinet makes the room feel so warm, not to mention that it is surrounded by white wooden planks wall.

Simple and Light
While the previous ones use quite heavy materials to keep the bedding comfortable, this one here is lighter and because of its light bedding, the bed platform prettily seen. The rug is a warm accent too with its natural material.

Detailed Patterns
Adding detailed pattern on the furniture will make it exotic and warmer. And that’s essential too for bohemian look. Seen in this picture below, with the carved detail on the head board, the bed looks stunning.

Hammock Chair
Another thing that looks so bohemian is a fabric material hammock chair, like this one here. With the wooden support and the fringe, it has a strong bohemian look even if it’s white and simple.

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