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stained flowery pattern glass window, alcove room, brown floor, yellow blue rug, beige sofa, brown round ottoman for coffee table, brown chairs, red table lamp Jurnal de Design Interior

Colorful Patterned Stained Flass Window, Patterned Floor Tiles, Black Leather Chair, Black Side Table, Alcove
Bathroom, Stained Window Glass, White Tub, White Wall, Window Shelves
Colorful Stained Glass On The Window With Flowery Pattern, Wooden Floor, Chairs With Pattern, Coffee Table, Bookshelves, Wooden Ceiling
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Yellow Stained Window With Green Arch Frame, Shelves With Wooden Top, White Embossed Wall, Dining Set
Stained Flowery Pattern Glass Window, Alcove Room, Brown Floor, Yellow Blue Rug, Beige Sofa, Brown Round Ottoman For Coffee Table, Brown Chairs, Red Table Lamp
Colorful Stained Glass On The Window And Door, White Wall, Black Metal Sconce, Brown Floor Tiles
Patterned Stained Glass Window On Dome Ceiling Bedroom, Grey Floor, Black Bed Platform, Black Side Table
Stained Flowery Patterned Glass Arch Partition, White Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, Large Window, Fireplace, Cabinet
Pastel Color Stained Window Glass, Rattan Sofa, Brown Ottoman, Plants, Golden Side Table, Pastel Rug
Bathroom, Brown Marble Floor, Grey Wall, White Ceiling, Whie Tub, White Floating Shelves, Chairs, Side Table

Window is the eye of the house where you can see the outer world without going out. That’s why a house with beautiful window is like someone with beautiful eyes. While window can be really simple and easy, it can be decorated with little details too. These pictures below can show you how beautiful colorful stained windows can beautify your house.

Stained Door
Glass window can be put in the window, it can also be put on the door and creates a warm and pretty welcome to the guests. The light from the outside can shine trough with subtle colors through the glass.

Stained in Living Room
This living room has endearing shadow on the floor because the colorful stained window glass brings elegance and antiquity in the wooden floored library. The antique vibe is also supported by the wooden bookshelves and patterned chairs.

Flower Stain
This alcove creates a heavenly living room with its spacious room, round alcove, glass window around, and the flowery patterned stained glass. The sunlight comes in maximum level through the window. And with the colored stained glass, the sun light brings in pretty shadow that makes the room looks even more fun and elegant at the same time.

Pastel Stain
If you love stained glass but you prefer pastel and neutral color, you can get the neutral one like this. While stained glass might usually about pattern, this one here simply put colors on the square area and it has become a beauty.

Colorful Alcove
Similar to one of the previous ones, this one here shows a merry and colorful look with the patterned floor tiles and the stained window glass. Together, it brings the alcove to a more interesting look.

Arch Window
This arching window is special not only because of its Gothic shape but also the stained glass. It brings the modern bathroom an interesting and bold touch.

Merry Pattern
Similar to the previous one, this one here also puts stained glass in the bathroom. It brings the room with neutral color looks more lively and elegant at the same time.

Colored Partition
This one here is one of the ways on putting stained glass on a bedroom. It does not always have to be on the window. The flower patterned stained glass is an interesting touch in the bedroom too when it’s used as partition.

Dome Bedroom
In a 4-star hotel that was turned from a church, the bedroom under the dome roof is magically amazing. The inside is so beautiful from the ceiling itself and the window. The colorful glints on the window is seen on the window accessories on top.

Bright Antique Kitchen
This kitchen is a combination of antique elegance seen in the window and the dining set with the modern and simple touch of kitchen top and shelves. This combination is pretty, fun, and interesting. The yellow stained window brings not only subtle light but also fun color inside.

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