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small living room, wooden floor, white wall, glass cabinet, grey corner sofa, white chair, black coffee table, chandelier SF Girl by Bay

Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall And Ceiling, White Corner Sofa, Brown Leather Ottoman, Rattan Pendant, Patterned Rug
Small Living Room, White Floor, White Cabinet, TV, Blue Tufted Bench, White Sofa, Patterned Sofa, Floating Shelf, Chair, Cabinet
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Blue Rug, Pink Chair, White Round Cofee Table, Grey Sofa
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Glass Cabinet, Grey Corner Sofa, White Chair, Black Coffee Table, Chandelier
Small Living Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Tall Glass Window, Gey Corner Sofa, White Coffee Table, White Cabinet, Rattan Chair
Small Living Room, White Floor, White Corner Sofa, White Coffee Table, White Floating Cabinet, White Shelves
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Cabinet, Brown Sofa, Rug, Glass Window And Door
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Corner Sofa, Black Coffee Table ,white Cabinet, Black Rattan Chair
Small Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floating Cabinet, Brown Sofa, Black Coffee Table, Floating Shelves, Black Table, Black Pendant, Black Chairs
Small Living Room, Brown Rug, White Corner Sofa, Brown Leather Ottoman, Dark Chair, White Wall, Floating Shelves, White Sconce

Small space is always challenging. When you live in an apartment, you will have everything challenging, especially the living room where you need lots of space. However, sometimes the more challenging a room is, the more fun it will be in decorating the room. These small living rooms below show how incredible small living room in the apartment can be. If you are looking for some ideas, these will help you get the best one.

Modern Comfort
A modern look is a really safe choice for a small space. With the almost minimalist look in the room, the room would not look too crowded. This one puts white comfortable sofa in the space and combine it with simple square ottoman as coffee table along with white sconce and simple floating shelf.

Chic and Sophisticated
This small living room looks so amazing with so many details but it does not look so crowded. The soft color used in the room, even though in different shades, make the room feels light. The details on the cabinet, the golden legs on the coffee table, the leather chair and the plants make the room fun without making it feel full.

Chic and Modern
This small living room puts up a really simple setting with sofa along the wall in one side and the other one with entertainment cabinet and all the accessories. The tall glass window makes the room bright and it is an essential thing for a small room.

Fresh and Natural
This small living room is really perfect. This one here puts not so big and long furniture. The brown sofa and the rattan cabinet here are in moderate size and simple size. Along with the neutral and natural look, these furniture makes the room feel airy and breezy, especially with glass door and window on the other end.

Small Elegant
Although the space is small, this one here successfully puts an elegant look. While the wooden floor, sofa and coffee table makes the room minimalist look, the chandelier brings elegance to the room effortlessly. It blends easily with the space.

Study on End
This one here does not only bring living room in the small and narrow space but also study area at the end of the room, near the window. This is an ideal setting for the study to have bright light, especially when the window is surrounded by bookshelves. And this makes the living area perfect too as it can be the best place to rest after you work or study.

Simple White
Small place always looks best with white. This one here shows how white wall, sofa, coffee table and floating entertainment cabinet combine so easily and create a bright room. The bright light from the window makes it even better.

Neutral and Soft
Another color that look so good in small living room is neutral color. It is seen in this one here. The neutral wall, sofa and cabinet makes the room looks large. The blue tufted bench gives the room bold and strong accent.

Bohemian Small Room
This small living room brings out the best thing inside. The open wall, wooden floor and ceiling makes the room looks incredible. The grey sofa blends easily with the room while the pendant, patterned rug and brown ottoman makes the room warm and pretty.

Long Small Living Room
This living room has a simple setting with corner sofa that enables you to enjoy your time with lots of friends, and the TV at the end of the room.

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