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dining room, wooden floor, white wall, wooden tabe, wooden chairs with colorful cushion Casa de Valentina

Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Tabe, Wooden Chairs With Colorful Cushion
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Watercolor Wallpaper, Blue Cabinet, White Round Table, White Pendants
Dining Room, White Exposed Wall, White Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, White Table, Wooden Bench, Red Wooden Chair, Yellow Stool
Dining Room, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Beams, Wooden Table, Patterned Rug, Blue Red Chairs, Patterned Pendant, Wooden Cabinet, Colorful Cabinet
Dining Room, White Wall, White Floor, Pink Patterned Rug, Blue Modern Chairs, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Oval Table
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Light Blue Wall, Pink Tufted Sofa, Unmatched Chairs, Pendant, Colorful Decorations
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Patterned Sofa And Cushion, Blue Wooden Bench
Dining Room, Black Floor Tiles, Blu Red Yellow Modern Chairs, White Round Table, Patterned Wall, Colorful Chandelier
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Subway Tiles, Rattan Pendants, Wooden Table, Blue Red Wooden Stools,
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Yellow Table, Pink Chairs, Yellow Floor Lamp, Pink Patterned Rug

If having dinner in the dining room can feel so formal, a little bit of change can really help. If you are bored with a neutral or minimalist dining room, you can spice things up by adding some colors or change the look completely into bolder ones. Here below are some inspiration you can get if you think you need to change things, or if you just want to create colorful dining room.

Pink and Yellow
A combination of bold colors can always be great things to create colorful look, as seen below. The boldness of bright yellow and pink clashes and create a strong effect to the overall dining room. It is still completed by colorful accessories that looks so good.

Watercolor Wall
This dining room puts fresh look with its light turquoise modern chairs and cabinet. The wallpaper brings out the colorful vibe in this room with the combination of soft colors.

Colorful Lighting and Chairs
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses the modern chairs to support the white round table. However, this one uses colorful set to brings out vibrant look. This is supported also by the colorful chandelier above. This one here puts a lot to bring on colorful dining room.

Patterned Rug
While the previous one gives so much to the colorful look, this one here goes with neutral and modern look on the basic furniture. Then, with pink patterned rug and the contrast with the light blue modern chairs, this one turns out to be a bold and vibrant room.

Rich and Merry
This one here shows not only the variation of the color used but also the variation of each furniture. The chairs are not in set and the decorations looks so vibrant and colorful on the light blue wall.

Bright Patterns
This one here puts out the vibrant look by its vibrant patterns on the cushion and pillows. This make the patterns and colors look rich and merry together. This is how you can spice up your dining room.

Exotic Patterns
Giving some exotic patterns can enhance the vibrant and colorful vibe in the room, like seen below. The lurik pattern on the rug and pendants brings out fresh ambiance to the room.

Colorful Stools
If your dining place is your kitchen, you can put some colorful stools like this to save some space while also making it interesting. The kitchen looks more lively with the bold blue and red stools.

Retro Dining Room
Retro style is perfect to show some color. This one below shows how bold colors can easily go with retro accessories. The space looks classic and comfortable.

Velvety Chairs
This one below holds up a vibrant dining room. With its bold colors on the chairs’ cushion, the space looks amazing. The crystal chandelier puts an elegant touch while balance the ambiance from modern to a little bit retro.

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