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bathroom, white floor tiles, white wall tiles, floating wooden cabinet, wooden stair stool, pacman sticker, house shelves Tuacasa

Toilet, Blue Wall And Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Sink, White Toilet Red Lid, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Bath Tub, Blue Wall, Storage On The Rod
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Blue Hexagonal Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, Yellow Stairs, White Sink, Round Mirror
Beach Wallpaper Wall, White Toilet
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Wall, LED Lights On The Ceiling, Octopus Sticker On The Wall, Wooden Tub, White Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Colorful Rug, White Round Rug, White Wall, Round Hole, Yellow Line On Top Of The Mirror, White Cabinet
Children Toilet, Pink Wall, Wallpaper Accent, Pink Floor, White Toilet, White Sink
Bathroom, White Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, Floating Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Stair Stool, Pacman Sticker, House Shelves
Bathroom, Black Tiny Hexagonal Tiles, White Wall, White Toilet, Wooden Cabinet, White Top, Striped Curtain, Yellow Stairs
Bathroom, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Rack, Wooden Basket, White Tub, Colorful Curtain, White Sink

Having children in home might make you shift everything in the house. Sharp corners need to be put away; electronic station needs to be closed; as well as turning some of your rooms into more fun so that the children would feel more comfortable. It is not a secret that children do not favor bathroom to much. They don’t like to take a bath and brush their teeth. That is why it becomes important to make bathroom less stressful for them. These ones here would give you inspirations of bathroom that will make children feel more comfortable and even happy to come in.

Accent Wall
One of the easiest things to change in the bathroom is by putting some cheerful wallpaper on one of the side. This one here puts summer themed accent wall while leaving the other wall in pink and white. Of course, this wallpaper meets the pinkish themed toilet that it looks so beautifully blended.

Colorful Curtain
Another simple and easy thing to do is by adding colors to the bathroom. This one here adds colorful curtain to make sure that the room is fun. And to aid the organization of the bathroom toys, a basket is also added.

Game Sticker
This one here is also an easy thing to do: adding colorful and fun stickers on the wall. Stickers of Pacman on the glass partition is surely helping the room to look more playful. Added with cute wooden shelves, the decoration is enough to make children happy.

Toys Storage
When you try to make children feel comfortable with their bath, you might need some toys to lure them in and make the activity more fun for them. For this, you will want to have the storage near the tub so that the toys can be retrieved and put back easily.

Modern Fun
If you’re not really willing to let your bathroom to be too childish, you can add small things like a little stickers on the wall and bright and pop colored stairs in front of the vanity to help the children to wash their hands.

LED Lights
This one here adds the fun with the LED lights on the ceiling that makes the entire room looks stunning even with the fun stickers on the wall and colorful decoration.

Fun Wallpaper
Similar to the previous one, this one also has fun wallpaper that will brighten the bathroom in different way.

Simple Fun
This is also how you can decorate the bathroom without losing your own taste and without making you lose what you want to be in the bathroom. You can put their toys as decoration and make sure the colors play perfectly well.

Pop on White
This one here also plays with color. With white background, the pop and bright colors are prominent. However, the simplicity of the color can still make the room look elegant.

Simple Addition
This one here is also for those who do not want to ruin the simple bathroom for adult. You can add some decoration on the wall and add bright colored stair to help reach the vanity.

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