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Kitchen, White Marble Floor, White Cabinet, White Backsplash, White Framed Window, Wooden Bench
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, Black Wall, White Island, Wooden Grid Window Seat
Kitchen, White Grey Plaid Floor, Grey Cabinet, White Brick Backsplash, White Wall, Grey Marble Counter Top
Dining Room, Wooden Table, Wooden Window Seat, White Wooden Table, Chandelier, White Cabinet, Exposed Brick
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Light Grey Bottom Cabint, Brown Leather,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Black Backsplash, Window Seat
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Whitecabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Window Seat, White Wall, Side Table
Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Backsplash
Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, White Cabinet, White Round Stool
Kitchen, Wooden Herringbone Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Brown Backsplash, White Floating Cabinet, Red Cushion, Glass Window, White Table Lamp

Having a beautiful window seat is always great. You could read and talk in the seat. And the large glass window will make a the room look bright, fresh and warm. And adding window seat to a kitchen can be a great thing to the room that can bring stress sometimes (especially when you burn your food). It will bring a cheerful note to the kitchen as it will bring more people to come and gather in the room. If you are thinking of making your kitchen even more enjoyable and comfortable, here below are some pretty and great window bay in the kitchen you can have.

Wooden Stop
This farmhouse kitchen has looked so incredible with white on white setting on the cabinet and wall, along with the marble floor. Added by a nice stop in the middle of the wall has put this kitchen to even more interesting look. The bright light is amazing and the simple bench and the storage under is really practical.

Wooden Grid
This incredible kitchen itself has amazing arrangement, especially seen in the white upper cabinet that is installed not in straight line. The black wall looks amazing with the white cabinet. And this great kitchen still has wooden grid window seat that makes the room even more beautiful.

Dining Seat
This one here uses one side of the wall to create a long window seat and uses it as part of the dining set with traditional wooden table and chair. With exposed wall, this room looks even more attractive.

Deep Nook
This modern kitchen offers the smoothest surface in the cabinet. The neutral white combines well with light grey. And the window nook has great depth that makes the room looks incredible.

Continue Line
The window seat in this one is not entirely in the window sill. However, the setting allows it to have the window and obviously it is a great setting. Built continued from the kitchen cabinet, this seat looks light.

One Line
Similar to the previous one, the window seat over here also built in one line with the cabinet. This smooth setting is amazing and minimalist that makes the room looks bright. The window and the seat brings warmth and fun to the room.

Small Benefits
Although it’s only small and limited, this bench here puts a great use. Besides a nice place to sit around near the kitchen and with bright light, this one also offers some more storage.

Warm and Comfortable
Having additional seat like this is amazing because you can sit for a while, looking out, while you’re waiting for your food. This kitchen provides a nice comfortable seat for those in the kitchen.

In the Minimalist Kitchen
Although window seat seems too much to be added in the kitchen, in this one, it looks just perfect. The white window seat looks as minimalist as the surrounding.

Another Deep One
Similar to one of the previous one, this one here provides an interesting window seat with by creating depth in the window sill.

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