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dining room, wooden floor, yellow built in bench, white round table, yellow wall, white window frame Domino

Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Yellow Stools
Dining Room, Grey Island, Yellow Backsplash, Pendants, Glass Round Dining Table, Yellow Chair
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Brown White Wooden Table, Yellow Modern Chair, Yellow Floor Lamp
Dining Room, Woode Floor, Black White Striped Rug, White Kitchen Cabinet, White Wall, Round Table, Yellow Chairs, Yellow Pendant
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen Cabinet, Patterned Backsplash, Wooden Dining Table, White Yellow Modern Chair, Yellow Pendant
Dining Room, White Floor, White Wall, Yellow Window Frame, Wooden Dining Table And Bench, Yellow Door Frame
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Yellow Built In Bench, White Round Table, Yellow Wall, White Window Frame
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Dining Table, White Dining Chairs, Yellow Bench, Silver Pendants
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Subway Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, White Yellow Wallpaper, Yellow Pendant, White Wooden Table, Yellow Wooden Chairs
Dining Room, Woode Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen Cabinet, Black Top, Yellow Chairs

As a place to gather and have a great time dining, a cheerful dining room would help making sure that people would love to stay and have fun. As a vibrant and cheerful color, yellow would be one of the best options that can help you get the fun and cheerful ambiance. Here below is a compilation of sunny yellow dining room that you would love to see for some inspirations.

Simple Cheerful Lines
This dining room gives a simple and neutral look with fun lines on the pendant and the midcentury modern chair. The neutral background brings the yellow lines the perfect highlight.

Vibrant Touches
This one is similar to the previous one with the neutral kitchen and background on the wall and floor. The yellow chair and floor lamp makes a pronounced and fun touches to the neutral dining room and kitchen.

Yellow Lines
This simple dining room looks bright with large window that brings a nice color to the already vibrant yellow pendant and chairs. The neutral table and floor makes the yellow combination looks really bright and pretty.

Yellow Dots
The combination of yellow and white is a perfect option that has been people’s favorite for a long time. The easiness and the fun look are great. And combined with white yellow wallpaper, the kitchen and dining set have matching and nice combination.

Yellow Frame
Although all the dining set looks so fun and great, this one here puts the yellow lines on the window and door frame gives interesting touch. Neutral combination of dark wooden dining set and white floor and wall makes an easy look companion to the yellow frame.

Vibrant Touches
This one here is another cheerful and energizing dining room that has neutral grey island and cabinet on the kitchen. The yellow chairs look so vibrant with the bright color and the pretty patterns on the chairs make the space look even more interesting.

Yellow Bench
This built-in dining set looks so comfortable and traditional with the simple dining table and bench. The traditional look is brightened by the vibrant yellow bench and the white wall brings out more popped up look.

Sunny Stools
This kitchen shows an interesting look with yellow stools decorating the white and black kitchen. This combination has an interesting look while making the room looks brightened and more alive.

Bright Compliments
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts an interesting look with yellow stools. The neutral white combination has made the room looks incredible. The yellow cabinet make a nice match for the yellow stools.

Cheerful Nook
This one here puts an interesting and bright nook with yellow on the built-in bench and white lines on it and on the table. The light yellow wall brings a soft and fun look to the dining set. Positioned near the balcony and window, the dining nook makes a nice setting.

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