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open dining room, white round rug, grey floor tiles, yellow wall white ceiling, white tulip table, yellow stools Flickr

Yellow Sofa, Woden Floor, White Wall, Blue Rattan Chair, Rattan Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Open Dining Set, Wooden Cabinet
Yellow Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Window Bay, White Pendant, White Ceiling, White Rug, Beige Sofa, Black Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Piano, White Floor Lamp
Yellow Cushion On Black Wired Chairs In The Dining Room, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Wooden Table
Yellow Chairs On Dining Set, Wooden Chair, Beige Floor Tiles, White Ceiling, Grey Wall, Orange Wall, Wooden Table, Pendant, Woden Shelves
Open Dining Room, White Round Rug, Grey Floor Tiles, Yellow Wall White Ceiling, White Tulip Table, Yellow Stools
Yellow Curtain On The Bedroom, White Floor, White Rug, White Bedding, White Bench, Side Tables, White Table Lamp
Study Room, Wooden Floor, White Round Rug, Study Table, Yellow Chair, Yellow Curtains, Round Side Table, Wallpaper
Soft Yellow Living Room, Yellow Rug, White Coffee Table, Soft Yellow Cutain. Yellow Blanket Pillows, White Chair, White Side Table, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Yellow Long Cabinet, White Wall, Wall Accessories, Grey Rug, White Coffee Table, Whie Chairs, Brown Sofas
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, White Side Table, Yellow Rug, Rocking Chair, Wooden Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Low Pendant

Yellow is an interesting color. It can be bright and soft but it always gives lively and cheerful vibe in the room. It would make the room feels exciting. You can add yellow as the prominent color in the room or as an accent. Either way, it would look pronounced and give cheerful note to the room. For those who love a bright room, these below are ten stunning rooms that will make you drawn to its beauty and positive energy.

Yellow Accent
This dining room would look dark and minimalist if it is not with yellow cushions. With yellow cushions, it brightens up and it makes the dining room a sweet and pretty room to enjoy your dining or working time.

Long Yellow Cabinet
This living room below shows a really interesting line with yellow cabinet along the wall. This yellow cabinet gives a strong impression to the neutral colored living room, along with the patterned decorations on the wall.

Yellow Rug
Although the room is big and surrounded by neutral wood material and the yellow rug is not even half of the room, the rug have already put some strong impression. Positioned beside large glass windows, this living room with looks even brighter and fresh.

Yellow Curtain
This room has a strong show of yellow color. It is seen from the tall curtain that surrounding the room. Because of the large windows that takes even larger part of the room compare to the patterned wall, the yellow color looks even stronger. And it is completed with yellow chair.

Yellow Flow
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses yellow as curtain. This bedroom, without which would look neutral and soft, looks bright and strong with optimism. Although yellow in the bedroom is not everybody’s cup of tea, it cannot be denied that it makes the room looks more joyful.

Yellow Sofa
This warm living room looks amazing with its warm wooden floor and coffee table. The neutral surrounding support its natural look. With yellow sofa, the room becomes even more lively.

Yellow Lines
Similar to the previous one, this living room also uses yellow sofa to make the room looks brighter. However, not only that, it also add yellow lines on the ceiling to mark room partition.

Yellow Dining Chairs
This one here shows a bright and fun dining area with orange statement wall and bright dining chairs. The curvy lines on the dining chairs bring a modern look to the room along with the wooden furniture.

Soft Yellow
This living room looks bright without looking too much. With soft yellow color on the curtain and rug, the living room looks calmer compare to the previous ones. With soft hues, it looks comfortable and modern too.

Yellow Wall
The owner of this room must love yellow so much. A warm yellow color is seen on the entire wall with some softer yellow on the ceiling. And the dining table is finished with some yellow stools.

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