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wooden curved floating shelves under TV Eldorado Stone

One Long Wood Floating Shelf
Wooden Curved Floating Shelves Under TV
Wooden Long Floating Shelves Under TV
Three Wooden Floating Shelves Under TV
Double White Wooden Shelves Under TV
Modern Sleek Dark Wooden Media Floating Shelf
Contemporary Dining Room With Floating Shelf With Dark Woodenmaterial
Floating Shelves With Entertainment Unit
Living Room Media Shelves
White Wooden Floating Shelves In The Living Room

Putting a floating shelf has been a great touch in your room to give it unique accent. With floating shelf or shelves, you will be able to give room under the TV so that it won’t look too crowded and heavy. Floating shelves gives you a simple yet pretty touch to your room. Below, you can see some examples of floating shelves that might give you more room of improvisation of how floating shelf should be.

Long Floating Shelves

This floating shelves looks like it can keep so many things you want to safely keep here. It brings you much space and it still looks pretty with its brown wood color that compliments the color of the room.

One Long Shelf

This is a shelf that allows you to organize your decoration and books so that you can take it anytime you want. This kind of shelf will make your room lighter but still fulfill the purpose of shelf itself.

Simple Three Shelves

Here is a simple and compact shelf that will look good on your living room. With three parts, you can organize your stuffs neatly. The simple look of the shelves will help you to put it in all room in your home and it will still look good.

Curved Floating Shelves

This one is really unique with curved shape and how it is built in the brick. The smooth and sleek design, with all the cords hidden behind the brick wall, is such an exquisite idea.

Double Shelves

If you want shelves but you’re looking for something different than the usual shelves, you can try something like this to put your CD player or even game console. Putting tow shelves in different line. It’s simple yet it gives more artistic feeling.

Some Shelves Stacked

Here is an idea when you want strong and big shelves but you still want to have the light feeling. Some floating shelves can be installed in your living room.

Sleek Modern Shelf

This one has simple, clean, and modern taste on the shelf. With the boxes wall panel and large TV, this shelf will not take too much attention to the eye, making this perfect for a living room with decorations.

Beautiful Dark Shelves

You don’t have to put your shelves in the living room. Kitchen or dining room will look pretty if you put that kind of shelves in the end.

Simple Boxes Shelf

If you think you want something simple but still pretty in your living room, this one can fulfill your wish. With simple design like a floating table, you can have the simplicity in your living room.

Floating Entertainment Shelves

If you want something compact and complete for everything in your living room, you can try something like this. With entertainment unit inside the shelves, it is not only shelves but also entertainment unit that can make everything close look neat.

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