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family room with slate tile floor with green blue color Joh Kraemer & Sons, Inc

Living Room With White Wood Panel Flooring
Living Room With White Washed Oak Flooring
Family Room With Brown Concrete Flooring
Living Room With Maple Plank With Two Color Painted Design And Distressed Finish
Living Room With Checkerboard Style Tiles
Family Room With Reclaimed Basketball Court Wooden For Flooring
Living Room With Flagstone Flooring And Rug Under The Couch
Family Room With Soft Grey Natural Finish Concrete Flooring
Family Room With Brown Glossy Concrete Floor With Stain
Family Room With Slate Tile Floor With Green Blue Color

It can be really fun to choose the kind of flooring that you will use in each room. And when it comes to family room, you will want to take care of choosing the right one that will enunciate the warmth in your room so that everyone in home will feel comfortable when they are in the room that will be used for everyone. Thus, choosing flooring for living room can be a fun thing that you can do as a team. As choosing the best one for everyone can be really difficult, you might want to see what looks good so that you can come up with the best options for all of you. Below is some ideas that you might find good for your living room.

Flagstone for Living Room

Using stone for living room can create a warm feeling in the room. It is perfect for you who attempt for rustic theme for your living room.  With flagstone, you get the natural feeling and still get the flat surface.

Checkerboard Flooring

One of the styles you can use for your living room flooring is checkerboard. You can mix two colors of tiles and arrange it like checkerboard.

Slate Tile Flooring

If you determine to choose flooring with unique feeling to your room, you will like this one. With five different tiles, the floor is arranged into a beautiful unity of blue, green, and brown colors.

Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is probably one of the most favorite people use in any room. The soft texture of wood and the warmth it gives in the room makes people love wood. And it can be painted or tainted too, depending n your taste. And for the picture below, the wood flooring seems to continue on the wall that makes such a nice sight.

living room with white wood panel flooring

Amy Trowman Design

Reclaimed Basket Court

You want something unique and out of the box? This is exactly it. With reclaimed basket court, you will get the part of the wood that is painted and it will make your flooring have a unique random painted wood in the middle of your room.

White Oak Wood

This is a living room with beautiful white washed oak wood flooring. The floor look pale but it still offers warmth and comfort.

Concrete Flooring

This is a beautiful idea from a beautiful room with brown concrete flooring that looks golden. The room looks warm yet has sleek and glossy touch in it. It makes the room not only warm but also bright.

Soft Color Concrete

When you like to have a soft color living room, you can also choose the flooring that will enunciates the softness of the room. With concrete flooring, the floor will look larger and with the soft color, it will look roomier.

Brown Glossy Flooring

If you like the watery or glossy look in the floor like you walk on water, you will love this one. With longest durable flooring types like concrete flooring, you can get this glossy look with stain.

Maple Plank

The other great idea that comes here is by having maple plank as your flooring. This one use maple plank in two colors and apparently the plank is positioned so that it creates more diamond shape if it is seen from the wall line.

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