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galley kitchen, black bottom cabinet, white wall, black cupboard, black top, black upper cabinet, modern pendant Decoraiso

Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen Cabinet, White Wink, White Shelevs, White Floating Open Shelves, White Wtove, Windows
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Rails On The Side, White Bottom Cabinet, Window, White Modern Stool
White Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Smooth Cabinet, White Subway Tiles, Black Stools, Side Island
Galley Kitchen, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Black Cupboard, Black Top, Black Upper Cabinet, Modern Pendant
Galley Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Cabinet, White Wall, Floating Shelves, Black Pendant
Galley Kitchen, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall Tiles, White Cabinet, White Top, Table, Stool
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Black Kitchen Top, White Cabinet, Window, Black Pendant
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Floating Shelves, Window, Black Stools
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, White Wall, White Backsplash, Floating Shelves, Pendant, Window
Galley Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Smooth Cabinet, White Backsplash, Black Wall, White Wallpaper, Wooden Island, Black Stools

If you arrange your house to have kitchen in a long alley, the space would be challenging. You would need to adapt to the space, to store everything you need without forgetting your need to get comfortable in a nice looking kitchen too. One of the simplest ways in creating a beauty in the kitchen is modern style. Here below are ten modern alley kitchens that you might want to see to get some nice inspirations.

Simple White
This one here shows a pretty simple kitchen with white colored mostly seen. As white is the safest color to create spacious feeling, this one looks quite spacious. The minimal details bring simplicity and modern vibe here.

Black and White
While white can make spacious feeling, black can create deep illusion that makes the space looks even bigger. Combining black and white like this supports the modern feeling and simplicity. The black knobs on the white cabinet gives some simple accent.

Minimalist Touch
If you love minimalist look, you will love this one. The simple setting on the kitchen brings a really pretty look. The island is built from the kitchen top. With black stools, the look is completed.

Wide Window
In making sure that your space would not look so small, you might want to make sure that the space is well lighted. This one here shows a calm and minimalist look with its smooth surface. The island positioned in front of the window would be a great place to enjoy your dine.

Long and Tidy
Similar to the previous one, this one too has a minimalist finish with smooth surface. Without knobs on the cabinet, the kitchen feels so tidy and minimalist. The black stools on the side island give an interesting accent.

Practical Kitchen
This modern kitchen has some interesting touch. First, it is the island in front of the window. Although the space is minimalist, but it successfully creates a dining nook. And then it’s the rails along the wall. While the usual practice is on the backsplash, but it installs it on the wall. It gives an refreshing look.

Simple Finish
A simple and symmetrical look is seen in this galley kitchen. Its white cabinet and wooden top gives a simple look while the symmetrical setting gives a comfortable space to move.

Black Galley
As black offers deeper illusion to the space, this black kitchen makes a beautiful sight in this small space.

comfortable Galley
While modern style can look too stark for some people, this one here puts modern style with some comfortable accent like wooden floating shelves and warm rug that it makes the space look really comfortable .

Nice Looking One
Although it is simple and minimalist, this one here looks so easy to navigate. You can move freely in the kitchen and you can get the air you need by opening the door. Even without opening the door, this kitchen has already had bright light.
galley kitchen, grey floor tiles, white wall tiles, white cabinet, white top, table, stool

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