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dining nook, wooden floor, white wooden vertical wall, white round table, wooden chairs, white bench with white cushion, black pendant Studio McGee

Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Brown Leather Cushion, Grey Framed Window, Wooden Table
Dining Corner, Black Wooden Bench, White Cushion, White Wooden Plank Wal, White Wooden Beams, White Round Table, Cream Modern Chair, Black Fireplace
Dining Nook, White Corner Bench, Red Cushion, Yellow Wall, White Framed Window, Wooden Table, Pendant
Dining Corner, Round Window Bay, Wooden Roudn Table, White Bilt In Bench, Dark Grey Cushion, Black Metal Pendant, White Subway Tiles
Casual Dining Area In Kitchen, Charlotte Lucas Before And After Project
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Corner Bench, Plaid Cushion, Blue Pendant, Wooden Table, Red Stools
White Dining Nook, White Sofa, Light Blue Chairs, White Round Table, Chandelier
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Sconces, Floating Wooden Bench, White Round Table, Black Chairs
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Vertical Wall, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs, White Bench With White Cushion, Black Pendant
Dining Nook, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Large Glass Window Bay, White Wooden Bench, Yellos Cushion, Yellow Pillows, White Round Dining Table, White Modern Chairs With Yellow Cushion

Maximizing the kitchen can be done by adding dining nook around the corner or nook. By adding dining nook, you would have a comfortable dining set that does not only offer a place to eat but also a place where you can feel comfortable talking. If you’re attempting to have a comfortable dining nook, below are ten dining nooks you would love to have in the kitchen.

Pattern Combination
This corner here puts a pretty and simple dining nook model. The patterns on the stool, corner bench, and curtain make the whole sight strong and has interesting characteristics. And, seeing how it is effortless, it is easy to be done.

Bright Red and Yellow
This dining corner here looks so cheerful and energizing. The bright red and yellow put the neutral wall and bench a nice background for this bright colors.

Red Nook
This one here shows a simple dining nook with built-in bench which is the continued model of the cabinet. The red leather cushion on the bench looks pronounced around the yellow wall and white bench. This simple and corner looks simple and retro.

Bright Sun
Putting dining nook in the window bay like this surely makes the dining nook looks bright and fun. This one here, especially, puts white and yellow combination on the bench and chairs that looks even brighter near the window.

Minimalist Nook
If you love minimalist look, you would love this one. This corner implements a really nice and minimalist setting with wooden floating corner bench, white round table, and black chairs. The look is completed with black sconces.

Modern and Simple
This beautiful and comforting dining nook looks so serene with the minimalist color of white and black. Completed beautiful view seen through the glass window, this corner is a perfect place to have breakfast. And as it is positioned near the fireplace, it would be a nice place to enjoy dinner with friends too.

Rustic Nook
For those who love rustic look, you will love this one here. The combination of modern look on the bench and wall does not look as strong as the dark wooden round table in the middle and the metal chandelier and sconces at the side, making it rustic chic.

Clean Minimalist
This one is another minimalist dining nook. Without corner bench, this one gives seating only with bench and wooden chairs around the round table. With white wall and brown wooden floor, this setting looks nice and chic.

Fancy Nook
If you think dining nook cannot be elegant, you might want to see this one. The white sofa and light blue chairs brings classic and elegance in the nook. And above all, a pretty chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Natural Rustic
Another rustic dining nook is seen here. The leather on the cushion matches perfectly well with the wooden table ad the pendant above. These create a nice rustic feeling while also are balanced with the neutral grey white.

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