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bright Moroccan mosaic on statement wall with floating vanity and sink, octagonal mirror, brown marble wall Happy Modern

Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Tub, Grey Wall, Tiny Mosaic Tiles On The Wall, Floor, Partition, Rug, Wooden Stool
Bathroom, White Tiny Hexagonal Tiles On The Entire Wall And Floor, Dented Shelves, Dented Alcove
Bathroom, Mosaic Tiles On The Floor And Walls, Black Tiles On Wall, Black Toilet, Middle Dented Shelves, Round Mirror, Wooden Floating Vanity With Sink
Bathroom, Marble Floor, White Tub, Mosaic Tiles On The Wall, Wall Decoration, Fireplace On The Dented Shelves On The Wall, Chandelier
Yellow Mosaic Tiles On The Wall, Green Patterned Floor, Yellow Tub, Cabinet, Green Sink, Golden Faucet
Bathroom, Colorful Mosaic Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Vanity Table, Marble Sink, Moroccan Mirrors, Moroccan Windows
Bathroom, Grey Floor, White Wall, Black Wall Mosaic Tiles, Black Marble Floating Vanity, Black Round Sink, Sconces
Bathroom, Mosaic Tiles On Wall With Blue Color, Tree And Flower Pattern, White Marble Sink, Octagonal Mirror, White Sconce
Bright Moroccan Mosaic On Statement Wall With Floating Vanity And Sink, Octagonal Mirror, Brown Marble Wall
Bathroom, Marble Floor, Marble Wall, Golden Mosaic Tiles, Bulbs Pendant, White Tub

The use of tiles in the bathroom can really affect the overall look of a bathroom. As there are many kinds of tiles that can be used in a bathroom, there are also many looks you can get. But here below are some pretty bathrooms that you will want to take a look. With its tiny tiles, they can create stunningly beautiful looking bathroom.

Moroccan Vibe
One of the greatest mosaic pattern in the world is probably what Moroccan has. They have been able to create stunningly gorgeous mosaic tiles covering wall, floor, ceiling, and roof since thousand years ago. And that legacy has been living inside Moroccan culture since then. Seen in the picture below is a gorgeous bathroom with exquisite floor tiles. Combined with the Moroccan styled mirror and window, the room is completely blissful.

Mosaic Floor
Similar to the previous one, this one here also brings in Moroccan vibe into the bathroom with their mosaic tiles. Seen not only on the floor, this one shows a brilliant look of Moroccan styled tiles on the wall too. Amidst this colorful ambiance, black tiles is installed across the Mosaic wall to balance the look.

Bright Moroccan Statement
If you want to put Moroccan statement, you can put mosaic tiles with the brightest color and makes it the strongest point of your bathroom, like this one here. The blue and purple mosaic tiles look vibrant among the neutral surrounding.

Pretty Wall
In this stunning bathroom below, the mosaic makes a brilliant pattern of tree and flowers. It looks so amazing that it can be the best thing people will put more thorough examination with. Put on the entire wall, this one will leave a strong impression.

Black Modern
Although mosaic brings details, it can still decorate modern bathroom, like this one here. The black tiny tiles cover one side of the wall and completes the black section of the wall with black marble vanity and sink as well as pendants.

Tiny Hexagonal
An interesting sight is seen in this one below with its tiny hexagonal tiles cover all the entire surface on the floor, wall, and on the curvy alcove on the corner. In a glance, it looks neutral but it has tiny details on it.

Tiny Tiles
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses tiny tiles for the wall. However, it does not extend to the entire surface. It covers the wall and floor as well as the wall partition that it gives an interesting spot to see in this quite minimalist bathroom.

Golden Flecks
In this bathroom, an elegant point is added to the neutral warm bathroom with the marble on the wall and floor. The bulbs chandelier above the tub completes the golden look of the bathroom.

Yellow Hints
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses glinting mosaic tiles on the wall. However, this one looks bolder with its orange hue. Completed with green floor and golden tub, this bathroom has strong characteristic.

Amazing Mosaic
This one too puts its tiny mosaic on the wall. It perfect the already pretty bathroom with its green marble and fireplace on the wall.

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