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kitchen, white subway baksplash, white wall, deep green modern cabinet. floating shelves Pinterest

Kitchen, White Subway Baksplash, White Wall, Deep Green Modern Cabinet. Floating Shelves
Kitchen, White Floor, Deep Green Bottom Cabinet, Grey Wall, Silver Fridge
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Light Green Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Top
Kitchen, White Backsplash, Green Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Green Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Light Green Bottom Cabinet, White Backsplash, White Wall
Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Backsplash, Green Bottom Cabinet, Green Upper Cabinet, White Marble Top
Kitchen, Light Green Cabinet, White Tiny Hexagonal Backsplash, Wooden Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Light Colorful Floor, White Wall, White Upper Cabinet, Light Green Bottom Cabinet, White Backsplash
Kitchen, Brown Floor Tiles, White Wall, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Green Kitchen Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Light Green Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, White Marble Backsplash, White Wall, White Framed Window

Having a modern room sometimes can be dull after a long time. However, if some details are added, things can be quite interesting. These one below are modern kitchens that look clean and tidy with its smooth surface but still with some pretty details that make the overall room worth to look closely. If you’re in for some inspirations to make more attractive, these ones will help.

Light Green
One thing that can match the modern look is neutral or light color so that it does not look too contrast. This one here puts light green bottom cabinet with the neutral wood upper cabinet and tiny hexagonal backsplash. The tiny backsplash is indeed a beautiful details to this setting.

Pale Green
Similar to the previous one, this one also combines light green bottom cabinet with neutral colored wall. White marble backsplash and wooden floor here puts an elegant natural accent that brings simplicity on a high level. Combine with smooth surfaced modern cabinet, the setting looks incredible.

Neutral Modernity
In this kitchen, a light wooden floor and floating shelves with match neutrality brings in natural forces and simplicity in the room. The pale green bottom cabinet looks fresh and new in this setting.

Deeper Natural
In this modern kitchen, the deep green cabinet makes a pretty look surrounded by light grey surrounding. The cold and pale finish on the cabinet matches the grey wall pretty well while the floating shelves matches the kitchen top.

Small and Green
Light colors are great to add when you have small space. Thus, light green is too. In this small corner kitchen, the light teal green looks calming and fresh on the cabinet and the floating shelves, especially when it is combined with white.

Light and Bright
This kitchen has a pretty light shades of green on the bottom cabinet with wooden top look that matches the wooden look on the floor as well. The white wall blends well with the light bright green on the bottom.

Deep Modern
This one below also has a beautiful deep color of green. With smooth surface on the cabinet, the kitchen brings out modern and simple look while still manage to give a nice detail.

Colorful Details
Adding colorful accents with the same light intensity makes the room feel even fresher. This one here successfully does that. The light colorful floor looks beautifully vintage but blends well with the light green and white cabinet.

Green Top
Unlike the previous ones, this one has wooden look on the cabinet front and green on top instead. And while looking different, it also brings wooden floating shelves for storage and practicality.

Simple Green
This one is another modern kitchen with green on it. The cabinet and floating shelves looks fresh and calming together with natural white marble on the backsplash and floor. The combination of this simple light colors make the modern kitchen appealing yet still effortless.

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