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wooden platform, storage under, bed above on nook, stair, green wall, white pendant, large glass window Lingoistica

Bedroom, White Floor, Plywood Bed Platform, White Wall, White Pendant, Rug, Rattan Stools,
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Blue Wall, Wooden Bed Platform With Storage, Terracotta Bed, Floating Shelves, Small Study Table. Large Glass Windows
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Floating Shelves, White Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bed Platform, Wooden Bedside, White Wall, White Pendants
Bedroom, Low Cupboard, Bed Above, Stairs, Light Wooden Floor, Grey
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Small Bed, Shelves On Window Bay, Side Table
Bedroom, White Marble Floor, Black Wall, Black Bed With Tufted Headboard, Black Tufted Ottoman, Side Table
Bedroom, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Storage, Bed Above, Yellow Stairs
Bedroom, Light Wooden Floor, Wooden Platform With Storage Under, Stairs, Bed, Rattan Pendants, Small Study Table And Chairs
Wooden Platform, Storage Under, Bed Above On Nook, Stair, Green Wall, White Pendant, Large Glass Window

When you have small room, you would have some challenges as to how to manage everything you need inside the room. And if you want to manage your small bedroom, you might want to manage the size and shape of the furniture and save as much space as possible, including the bed. For those who live along, having a small and low bed is enough and might help them secure more space in the upper part of the room and make it more airy. Or, you can also put some storage under the bed so that you can secure more storage as well. Here below are ten amazing small bedrooms that emphasize on the bed function and design that will help solving space problem.

Naturally Simple
Although the space here does not look really small but the setting is perfect for small bedroom. The simple wooden bed platform shows clean lines which would make it feel light. This is accompanied with wooden slab side table.

Simply Black
If white can make your small room becomes bright and feels lighter, black can make your room has deeper dimension that will then make your room feels larger. This one here can pull off the trick perfectly. The single bed is not going with simplicity but adding some leathery tufted headboard that makes the bad look strong and luxurious.

Above the Storage
The bed in this one uses the space under the bed for storage. This can be a really practical help especially for a child’s bedroom.

Bed above the Cupboard
Contrary to the previous one, the bed in this one is put above the cupboard that makes this sight really unique. The bed itself is simple and neat.

Bed on Nook, Above the Storage
This one here is kind of similar with the previous two but it is somewhat the combination. The bed is placed on cupboard nook above. This make the room feels more compacted. The large glass window brings in bright light to the minimalist and modern bedroom.

Yellow Accent
With more similarity to the previous one, this one alos brings in an interesting look. The bed-storage thing obviously helps you to save space. But the yellow stairs do more than the practical function but also the strong and cheerful look it brings to the room.

Bohemian Style
If you love bohemian or modern bohemian look, you might love this simple wooden bed-storage as it looks really simple that it can easily match the style you want.

Pretty Design
Boosting the neutral look of white, the wood play on the bed platform looks so pretty. It matches well with the smooth rough look of the rug and stools.

Just Small Bed
This setting is probably the easiest with white wall and bed combine with wooden floor. This, though, looks fluffy and more comfortable compare to the previous one.

Small yet Warm
Another one that emphasizes on the comfort can be seen in this one. It simple bed looks minimalist without headboard and with the small size. However, the wooden side table and floating shelves on the window warmth the room pretty well.

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