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built in bed in the window sill with white wooden bedding, bookshelves inside, grey patterned cushion, ceiling lamp, wall lamp Practically Polished

Built In Bed In The Side Of The Window With White Wooden Bedding, Shelves Inside, Storage Under
Kids Built In Bed Under A Slanted Space With White Bedding, Storage Under, Bookshelves At The Head Of The Bed
Built In Bed Near The Window Sill With White Wooden Bedding, White Cushion, Colorful Pillows, Storage Under, Bookshelves Ath The Foot Of The Bed
Built In Bed In The Window Sill With White Wooden Bedding, Bookshelves Inside, Grey Patterned Cushion, Ceiling Lamp, Wall Lamp
Kids Built In Bed With White Wooden Bedding, Cupboard At The Head And Foot Of The Bed, Shelves Inside
Built In Bed Near The Window, With White Wooden Bedding, White Linen, Storage Under
Built In Bed With White Wooden Bedding, Brown Linen, Cabinet And Shelves Inside, Sconces, Blue Curtain
Kids Built In Bed With White Wooden Bedding, Bookshelves At The Head Of The Bed, Candle Shaped Sconces, Storage Under, Light Grey Curtain
Built I Bed With White Wooden Framed, Bookshelves Inside The Space At The Ehad And Foot Of The Bed
Built In Bed With White Wooden Bedding, Bookshelves, Bedside Table,near The Window

To save some space in bedroom, one can built bed into the room. That way, it doesn’t need to be moved so that it will always be a perfect part of the room and it will be a perfect comfortable nook. For you who like to read and spend your time mostly in the bedroom, built-in bed will definitely be something that you will love even from the look of. Then, let’s see the kinds of built-in beds that will captivate us.

Romantic Sofa Bed

If you have window that indented out, you will have space that you can effortlessly build something like bed on the nook. With that, enjoying outside view will be really romantic and if you love to read a book, you can use that space to read. It’s even better if you also have built-in shelves just inside your nook.


Under the Slanted Roof

If you have this kind of space and you don’t want to waste such a space, you can put a small bed inside with all the lamps and shelves just so that the rest of the room will be available to something else, or just to make the room better arranged.


White Beautiful Space

If you don’t want to literally build a bed just for the sake of having built-in bed, you can have bedding with storage or shelves that will make your room tidily arranged and looks so roomy. Of course, white colour is the perfect colour if your concern is trying to make your room large. With pretty white lamp, white furniture, even white wooden floor, your room will look limitless.


One Side of the Room

The best thing about built-in bed is that you get to have the room easily arranged and you will have the rest of the room ready to anything else as you have had the most important thing in your bedroom: your bed.


Carriage-like Bed

Japanese people keep their bed to cupboard every time they wake up and they will take it out again when they need to sleep. That way, your room will steadily look tidy, clean, and spacious. If you want to hide everything related to sleeping, carriage-like bed is the best answer. It gives you even more private space. It also gives you a chance to hide all the clutter in one side. With curtain, everything will vanish.


Comfortable Spot

Similarly with the previous picture, this one here also has the ability to hide the bed and small accessories in one big “cupboard”. With one swipe, the curtain will keep this one side tidy. It’s best for reading nook too if you install the lamp just for it.


Symmetrical Box

This one here is another idea of how you can get your built-in bed. The designer seems like simply want to part the bed with the rest of surrounding that it gives the bed it’s own box while having cupboard “outside”.


Cute Nook

Having built-in bed just beside the window is really romantic. It gives you the pleasure to always be able to look outside, and when the day comes, you can read with sunlight. This bed in the picture here has equipped itself with books ready within your hand’s reach.


Storage Under

It is possible that when someone needs built-in bed, one actually needs all the space. And that also means a space saviour like cabinet or storage under the bed will be really helpful. So, if you think you need all the space there is, make sure your bed have enough storage and/or shelves.


Second Bed

Having built-in bed doesn’t always mean that you need to spare your space. Sometimes, it’s just so beautiful and heart warming to have reading space near the window with all the storage and shelves.

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