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ceiling track shower curtain black curtain track transparent curtain shower head bathtub mirror wall sconces sink towel Studio Fleming

Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Marble Slab Ceiling Walls White Window Shower Head White Curtain Bathtub Vanity Sink Towel
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain White Shower Curtain Shower Head Faucet White Tub Windows Wooden Vanity Glass Sink Bowl
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Black Frame White Curtain Shower Head Black And White Walls Floor Tile Towels Rack Bath Rug
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Chevron Curtain Hand Towel White Wall Tile Bathtub Window Stool Cowhide Rug Black Tile Sink Mirror
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Black Curtain Track Transparent Curtain Shower Head Bathtub Mirror Wall Sconces Sink Towel
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Transparent Curtain Yellow Patterned Curtain Blue Walls White Tile Towels Vanity Sink Bath Mat
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Gold Accents Black And White Floor Tile White Shower Tile White Curtains Window Bathtub
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Wall Sconces Patterned Curtain Glass Sink Bowl Shower Tub Mosaic Tile Mirror Beige Top
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Patterned Curtain Chains White Tile Black Shower Head Chandelier Big Mirror Black Faucet Sink
Ceiling Track Shower Curtain Curved Curtain Track White And Black Curtains White Tile Wall Sconce Mirror White Cabinet

Although a shower curtain is only an optional feature, it has good advantages if a shower curtain is applied in a bathroom. It can protect the shower space, become a border between the shower and vanity area, and be as a bathroom decoration. You can choose the shower curtains with water-resistant material and suitable curtain rod. You can choose a shower curtain as your desire pattern to make it a decorative bathroom item. A ceiling track shower curtain is a great treatment for your bathroom. The curtain rod is installed right under the ceiling. Here are some remarkable ceiling track shower curtain ideas that you can apply in your bathroom.

Tropical Flavoured Shower Curtain

This shower curtain has beige colors and green leaves patterns and highlights the sophisticated tropical flavor. The curtain rod is covered by the curtains. The beige and green color scheme in this bathroom increases the relaxing mood and cleanliness.

A Curved Shower Curtain Rod

This ceiling track shower curtain is neat. The ceiling track or ceiling rod is curved and installed perfectly under the white ceiling. This white shower curtain can cover both the shower tub area and the corner windows.

The Medical Curtain Tracks

You can use medical curtain tracks attached to the ceiling like in this bathroom, you can find them easily. With a white curtain with the medical curtain rod, you can go wrong because the neutral color can fit into any bathroom style.

Liner and Decorative Curtains Combination

A shower tracking system can be designed to mount directly to the ceiling with a simple curtain. If you want your bathroom to become stylish and durable, you can get a liner curtain and a decorative outer curtain to work together.

Shower Curtain with Chains

This bathroom provides a ceiling track to hang a patterned shower curtain with chains. This way can let the natural light into the room. This bathroom doesn’t need many patterns, only show the patterns on the curtain and chandelier make it stylish.

Make It Modern with A Transparent Curtain

This modern bathroom has a ceiling track shower curtain with a simple transparent curtain on chains. This curtain becomes one of the contemporary features in this white bathroom.

A Classic Bathroom Treatment

You can treat your classic bathroom by installing a ceiling curtain rod with its well-tailored curtains. this bathroom has a curved iron rod and white curtains with black frame.

A Bold Ceiling Track Shower Curtain

This glamorous black and white bathroom is achieved by adding the black and white features. There are black and white patterned wallpaper, a white curtain with black frame, a bathroom rug, and a rack.

A White Bathroom

Although this bathroom is small, the white color features with black and gold accents make this look more spacious and absolutely clean. The gold accents and the curtain create the luxury.

A Cozy Shower Curtain

Get a patterned curtain for a neutral colored bathroom. The chevron curtain in this bathroom is definitely great and makes this bathroom cozy.

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