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open kitchen, grey floor, black bottom cabinet, white wall, white pendant, black pendant, white round table, wooden chairs, rattan rug Place of My Taste

Open Kitchen, Black Floor, White Wall, White Kitchen, Wooden Beams, White Pendant, Wooden Round Table, White Metal Chairs, Cushion
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wainscoting, Whtie Round Dining Table, White Chairs, White Upper Cabinet, Dark Green Bottom Cabinet, Pendant
Open Kitchen, Grey Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, White Pendant, Black Pendant, White Round Table, Wooden Chairs, Rattan Rug
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Round Table, White Midcentury Modern Chairs, Rattan Pendant, Windows
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Golden Pendant, White Wooden Table, White Wooden Chair
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Dark Wooden Dining Set, Black Bulb Pendant, White Cabinet, Brown Subway Backsplash
Kitchen, Patterned Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Window, White Pendant,white Marble Round Table, Wooden Chairs
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Upper Cabinet, White Bottom Cabinet, White Round Pendant, Floating Shelves, White Backsplash, Round Wooden Table, White Chairs
Open Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Round Dining Table, Blue Chairs, Rug, Pendant
Open Kitchen, Teal Cabinet Island, White Counter Top, White Wall, White Bulb Pendant, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Stools, Wooden Round Table

Many shapes and sizes are in options while you choose dining table. However, for saving space, a small round one is a perfect choice, especially when you put dining set near the kitchen. This open room concept is supposed to make your room looks bigger. And by having small round table, you will be able to do it while also securing the warmth that round table can offer. These beautifully warm round tables in an open kitchen can give you perfect idea on how cozy it look. These below will give you some inspirations on how to mix the combination.

Besides Green
Starting with a really interesting box of kitchen, this small kitchen enhance its look by giving partition but still put open space. To match the space saving spirit of the kitchen, a nice little round dining set placed in front of it despite the island. The small setting of the furniture makes the small space still feel large even though it has everything.

Bright and Neutral
This simple farmhouse open kitchen puts a bright light comes in from the windows and also from the white colored island that reflect the light for even brighter effect. This open space has balanced dazzling look with some earthy on the floor, feet of chairs and table as well as the rug and rattan pendant.

Pretty Clean
The dining set in this open concept looks simple and modern with the geometrical lines on the feet of the table and chairs. This is matched with beautiful lines seen on the pendant that looks dramatic and stunning through all the lights come in from the window.

Soft Blue
This dining set puts a soft hue to the warm space. The sot velvety chairs put a sweet touch along with its golden interesting feet. This small setting of dining set brings a nice contrast.

Openly White
In this one below, the open space looks neutral with off white setting in the kitchen. And this setting is continued prettily in the small dining set with round wooden table and white chairs, completed with white round pendant.

Light White
Getting along with this open kitchen, this dining setting looks both strong and light. The round table brings balance in the thin top and the sturdy feet. And to complete this table, white metal chairs are combined.

Small Space
Although the space is small, the open kitchen brings easier concept to work with kitchen and dining area. The small dining set is put with elegant marble and warm chairs.

Traditionally Open
In this farmhouse kitchen, the warmth is strongly felt through the details on the cabinet, warm light from the pendant and the accessories. The dining set itself is simple and feels familiar.

Dark Wood
This one here shows a really pretty contrast with white cabinet and brown look start from the backsplash to the pendant. The dark brown wooden floor matches the dark dining set and the pendant.

Black Combination
In this one, the small dining set is combined in beautiful contrast with black cabinet. This combination is smoothed by the wooden counter top and black pendant above.

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