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long wooden table with long bench in one side, three metal chairs on the other long side Euro Tech Cabinetry & Remodeling Corp

Long Wooden Table With Long Bench In One Side, Three Chairs In The Opposite And One High Back Chair In The Head
Wooden Table With Two Wooden Chairs With White Cushions, White Chairs With Rattan Seatings, And Bench With Rattan Seating And Cushion
Wooden Dining Table With Wooden Benches On Two Sides With Grey Cushions
Black Round Wooden Table With Shelves Under, Three Black Wooden Chairs With Black Leather Seating, White Wooden Bench With Brown Yellow Striped Cushion
Banquette With Polished Round Dark Brown Wooden Table And Corner Bench With Brown Leather Cushion On The Seating And Patterned Back
Long Wooden Table With Long Bench In One Side, Three Metal Chairs On The Other Long Side
Long Banquette With Wooden Table, Wooden Corner Bench With Grey Cuhion, White Wooden Chairs With Orange Cushion
Wooden Polished Chunk Table, With Two Matching Benches On Two Sides
Dining Set With White Round Table, Wooden Chairs, Bench With Green Plaided Cushion
Wooden Rigid Table With Rigid Chairs And Bench

Having dining table set with bench is a great experience. With bench, you can make people sit even closer. Besides that, it also gives you a nice change from the standard dining set. With different kind of chairs, you can be as creative as you want and mix the kind of chairs and bench that can show your personality. Here below are some great examples on how to put bench and chairs in the same dining table.

Plaid Bench

In this cute dining area, the dining set is arranged prettily. A nice white round table is in the middle of two wooden chairs and plaid benches. It gives the old familiar feeling that makes whoever see this feel comfortable.

Corner Banquette

In this picture, you can see how corner bench is the essential part to have a banquette area. With corner bench, all you have to do is adding table so that you will be able to eat there. Be creative and make your corner beautiful, just like this one in the picture.

Long Bench for Long Table

The look of this dining set is beautifully different. With tufted chairs, the dining set is completed with long rigid bench. It probably will make some people’s eyebrow raised but it is actually something that will never bore you.

Rigid Wooden Set

This rigid wood will probably remind you with the old school days in the canteen, although, this one is so much fancier. This wooden set will brings nature closer to you.

Black with Yellow

This one is another curious set to be coupled. The black polished round table is such a match with the black chairs, but you can see the yellow seating bench is also there. And this unique set will make something firm like black table and chairs a little softer.

Cheerful Banquette Side

In this picture, the banquette area is in one side of the walls and along the wall, you can see the bench with grey cushion. Apart from that, you can see that white cheerful chairs with orange cushion are added.

With Grey Cushion

The idea of this dining set is so simple yet prettily presented. The table is simply firm wooden table and it accompanies with two matching benches with grey cushion. It is so simple, comfortable and perfect to be your dining set.

Natural Feeling

In this dining set, you can see how the wood is polished but it still maintain the natural cut. It makes the rustic theme without difficulties.

Old Fashioned

In this picture you can see an open beautiful kitchen with dining area. And both have the old fashioned style that will be easily loved by anyone. The dining set is also simple and reminds you to the old days.

Mix It Up

Similar to the previous pictures, this one also has beautiful coupling. Although it seems like the owner gather random chairs, the finishing is still beautiful. The rattan chairs and bench are beautiful. And the white chairs surprisingly match the other.

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