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bedroom with vaulted ceiling, slanting in one side, slanting bookshelves, windows on slanting ceiling, white chair, rattan bed, bathroom Etsy

Bedroom With Wooden Floor, White Walls, Blue Rug, White Bench On The Windowsill With Blue Cushion, Bed With Blue Linen, Vaulted Ceiling, Chandelier
Bedroom With White Wooden Floor, White Painted Ceiling With Large Glass Windows On The Slanting Ceiling, No Wall, White Bed And Chair
A Kid Bedroom With White Floor, Blue Wall, Vaulted Ceiling, Bed, White Chair, Big Stuffed Animal, A Wooden Added Space With Stairs
Bedroom With White Wall, Wooden Floor, Brown Accent, Brown Wooden Tray Vaulted Ceiling
Bedroom With Beige Rug, White Wooden Bedding With Green Linen, White Wall, Small Glass Windows And Door, White Cabinet, White Side Table, White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling
Bedroom With Rug, Grey Bedding With White Linen, Grey Wall, White Curtain, White Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Bord, Vaulted Ceiling, Van
Bedroom With Vaulted Ceiling, Slanting In One Side, Slanting Bookshelves, Windows On Slanting Ceiling, White Chair, Rattan Bed, Bathroom
Small Bedroom With White Ceiling, White Flooor, Grey Bed, Windows On Slanting Windows
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Off White Rug, White Bed, White Bench, Vaulted Ceiling, Chandelier
Bedroom With Whtie Wall, Small Windows, Ceiling Fan, White Shed Vaulted Ceiling, Whtie Couch, White Side Tables With White Table Lamp, Bed With White Linen

If you have quite a space in your attic, you can turn it into a place where you keep everything you don;t need anymore, a shed. Or, you can turn it into a really functional room like a bedroom for your children, guests, or for your own sacred gateway. There are many things that make a bedroom with vaulted ceiling can be really irresistible. Well, there’s no better way than talk about it with some pictures.


Blue Hush

Let’s start with something so beautifully arrange like this one here. With its white and soft blue color, this room looks wide and fresh. The windows help to make the room even wider. And of course, the vaulted ceiling does the maximum work to make the room looks wide and not suffocating.


All Airy and Roomy

With vaulted ceiling, you can have airy and roomy vibe of a bedroom. But, if you combine it with large windows, doors that open to a great balcony, it will brings relieving feeling the first time you step into the room.


White Wooden Ceiling

To make the room airy and not too closed as it is under the ceiling, you would like white color on the room. And to make even further away effect, you would love to have white wooden ceiling like this one. The feeling of nature will give the outdoor feeling.


Shed Ceiling

With vaulted ceiling, this one has make the ceiling as a continued area of the wall that it has no exact boundary where the wall starts and ends. With white color on all the suface, the room does not look crowed at all.


Windows and Door

If you have a room that looks small and suffocating, having it arranged where you can have vaulted ceiling can help big time. With vaulted ceiling, you will be able to make the room more airy. And, adding glass windows and door will make the room even roomier.


Tray Ceiling

One of the methods to make vaulted ceiling not too steep is by adding tray so that it can act as a bridge to the steep portion of the ceiling. This picture below can give a perfect illustration with its wooden tray ceiling that looks absolute beautiful. And, as you can see here, the large glass windows help the room looks relieving.


Small Comfortable Guest Room

If you have space with vaulted ceiling on slanting par, you would love the picture below. Even though slanting ceiling can mean really small space, this one here succeeds in creating a space to sleep, to read on chair, to keep your books, and even a small bathroom with curtain partition. The other best thing is that it has windows on its slanting ceiling that will help you tell the day and night.


White Slanting Ceiling

Still with the slanting ceiling, this one here is even a smaller room compare to the previous one. Yet, even with its small size, this room has given it’s best features with its low bed and plants that gives positive vibe to the room. It’s perfect for a temporary stay.


Up to the Sky

This picture here has shown a perfect room that can be arranged under a vaulted ceiling, especially for those who love nature, simplicity and love to have great lights and view. With its white wooden floor, wooden triangle support and large windows on the slanting ceiling, this room is a great place to find tranquility, getting lazy, and adoring the sky at day and night.


Creating a Scared Place

Having vaulted ceiling means a roomier space upward. Then, it also means there are more room to use. Creating a hideout for the children can easily be done in the vaulted ceiling room. Your children will love it and you will love it even more that they can have more playground inside the house.



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