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living room, grey rug, pink accent wall, pink round ottoman, red chair, grey sofa, pendant Trendedecor

Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chairs, Blue Chairs, Round Coffee Table, Blue Rug
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Sofa, White Nesting Round Table, Wooden Cabinet
Living Room, Grey Rug, Pink Accent Wall, Pink Round Ottoman, Red Chair, Grey Sofa, Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Green Wall, Wooden Sofa With Black Cushion, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Cabinet, Copper Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Patterned Rug, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Blue Round Tray Table, Grey Sofa, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Table, Floor Lamp, Blue Sofa, Blue Chair, Round Coffee Tables
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, White Wall, Grey Sofa, White Marble Round Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Green Curtain, Blue Sofa, Stools For Table, White Pendant
Living Room, Patterned Wallpaper, White Floor Lamp, Grey Sofa, White Round Tables, Rocking Chair
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Wall, Rattan Pendant, Grey Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table

While talking about living room, there is this pretty and modern style that can make your room go brighter. With this style, you will find calm and simplicity in the living room. The smooth and sleek lines will beautify the space and the neutral and warm colors bring its own beauty to the room. This below is a compilation of modern living room that you will love for its simplicity and get some inspirations from it.

Modern Green
This one here puts a green sofa with smooth lines and tufted details to give a modern touch. The area is small yet it has a profound sleek look, and it is completed with fur stool and rug and make the room look sweeter.

Bright Modern
This simple setting makes a modern look with bright light. The white wallpaper is decorated with pretty pattern of trees and birds while the sofa and coffee table looks really minimalist. The rattan pendant gives a nice touch to this simple setting.

Modern Sweetness
Another minimalist look is seen in this modern living room. the area is set in small circle but it looks gorgeous with its matching blue color from the sofa, chair to the patterned rug which is enlightened by the bright light from the tall window.

Sweet Pink
Creating comfortable look can be done like this one here. Putting out geometrical lines on the wall and give a matching yet different pattern to the wall and to the other. It is also added with neutral grey sofa and red chair and pink round ottoman.

Shabby Modern
Shabby look has been closed to traditional look and sometimes it is not modern, at all. But this one here creates a nice combination. The grey sofa and rug make an easy and pretty combination. With natural accent on the table and rocking chair, the room is simple and pretty.

Metallic Touch
Putting up rustic and pastel in one room can give you a surprisingly nice combination. The mint wall and the black leather sofa creates its own character that blends well with the patterned rug.

Sweetly Serene
This minimalist setting looks so sweet despite its simplicity. The grey sofa and the white marble round coffee table gives an elegant touch in this minimalist setting.

Soft Blue Room
This living room has a pretty note in the minimalist look. The smooth lines and the emptiness around the space makes it look pretty and modern that can make the area looks more breezy and spacious.

Patterned Modern
This is another living room that has modern look with its blue and white setting combination. The coffee tables in the middle give its own uniqueness that gives the room sweet and interesting look.

Pairs of Cute Chairs
Despite modern, this one puts a really sweet and cute look with pairs of two white chairs and blue chairs. And in the middle of this is simple round coffee table. To make it even sweeter, pastel pillows are added.

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