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wooden baby crib, wooden stool, colorful rug, white sheles, grey floor, white wall Style Me Pretty

Rattan Basket Crib With Wooden Rocking Support, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Black Framed Baby Crib, White Fence, White Cushion, White Rug, Wooden Floor, Black Wall, Wooden Rack
Wooden Round Baby Crib, Green Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Sloping Ceiling, Little White Chair
Wooden Baby Crib, Wooden Stool, Colorful Rug, White Sheles, Grey Floor, White Wall
White Square Crib With Brown Door, Headboard, Grey Marble Floor, Black Wall, Green Wall, Orange Pendant
Wooden Baby Crib With Round Wheel, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Rack
Round Wooden Baby Crib With White Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Animal Pattern Wallpaper, Rattan Baskets, White Floating Shelves
Bamboo Baby Crib, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Pink Box, Cat Ru
White Crib With Holder And Wheels, Brown Wall, Black Floor, Grey Yellow Crochet Hanging Toys
Rattan Baby Crib, White Cushion, Wooden Floor, White Wall

Welcoming a happiness that has been awaited is always a happy and fun thing. If you are expecting a baby, you might have prepared the nursery two months before she or he (or they) comes (come). There are many kinds of baby cribs that you would love to have. But before deciding which one you love, you might want to see the options first. Here are ten adorable baby cribs that you will find lovely.

Round Wooden Crib
If you only has small space for nursery, even small corner of your bedroom can do well. This one here prepares a small round wooden crib that looks totally adorable for the baby. Completed with white wallpaper with animals pattern and white floating shelves, this corner is just perfect.

Deep Black
If you’re looking for something deep and strong, you might want to use black in the nursery. Although black is not usual, but with a fun and right combination, it can pull off a perfect look. Seen in this one, the black accent wall looks just neutral and balanced with the neutral wall and floor.

Rocking Rattan
This little one here is really interesting. With wooden rocking support, this can be a non permanent crib for your baby where you can rock him/her to sleep while you can rest your hand from having too much holding him/her and probably catching up some TV series.

Bamboo Crib
For those who love bohemian look, this bamboo crib would be perfect for the nursery. The natural forces and warm vibe on it would match the bohemian ambiance of your home.

Rattan Crib
This adorable little crib holds a natural vibe and fun and soft look on it. The curve brings comfort look that would go well with a warm and comfortable nursery. It will also look good combined with bohemian look.

Wooden Transportation
This one here has a lovely look with wooden material and wooden wheels at the bottom. Placed in a white circumstance, this warm mini transportation looks pronounced.

Wooden Crib with Wheels
This one here is practical crib that can last quite long, as long as the length of your baby is still within the box. With small pen space on the space, this crib offers a unique touch to the nursery.

Wooden Crib
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has the same crib design. To make the surrounding give more stimulus, this one here completes the look with colorful toys and rug.

White Rigid Crib
If you love modern look and wish to have it in your child’s room, this crib might be what you need. With clean and geometric shape, this crib looks just perfect for a modern room. The other best thing is that it can loose the door so that it will be more comfortable for an older baby.

Hold and Push
Designed like a stroller, this one here has holder on one side and wheels at the bottom. This white crib looks modern and unisex that it is perfect for you who keep your baby’s sex unknown.

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