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library, blue wall, blue built in shelves, blue sofa, golden glass coffee tables, black sconce House Beautiful

Entrance, White Framed Window And Wall Parition, Chandelier, Light Blue Door, Blue Chevron Floor Tiles, White Ceiling
Bathroom, White Wall, White Wub, White Sink, Shelves, White Sconce, Blue Patterned Floor Tiles
Library, Blue Wall, Blue Built In Shelves, Blue Sofa, Golden Glass Coffee Tables, Black Sconce
Blue Bedding, Wooden Floor, Rattan Side Table
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Blue Cabinet, Blue Island With White Marble Top, Acrylic Stools, Dining Set Ont He Side, Chandelier
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Patterned Cabinet, Blue Sofa, Yellow Chair, Yellow Flor Lamp, White Rug, Coffee Table
Children Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Light Blue Wal, Dark Blue Ceiling With Stars, Grey Rug, White Bed Platform, Blue Side Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Patterned Rug, Blue Ainted Wall, White Sofa, White Coffee Table, White Cabinet, Floor Lamp, Pendants, White Patterned Curtain, Chair, Ottoman
Study Room, Blue Wall, White Table, Blue Office Chair, Off White Rug
Front Porch, Wooden Floor, Blue Striped Rug, White Plank Wall, Blue Sofa, Blue Pillows, Rattan Chairs, White Rattan Swing, White Coffee Table

Blue is always one of the favorite colors used in a house. Blue has neutral and calming vibe that it can bring out to the outside. It gives a room the feeling of mature and luxurious too. There are many ways of using blue color in the house. Here below are some inspirations you can get in using blue in the rooms.

Blue Porch
Creating a comfortable porch can make you and your friends feel comfortable enjoying the fresh air. Seen in this one, the comfort is presented by the fresh blue and white combination in the rug, table, sofa, chair, and swing in the front. This is such a pretty and inviting look.

Blue Entrance
If you want to create a soft and calming entrance, blue is the perfect choice. With different shades of blue, you can create a wonderful entrance from the traditional and comforting look like farmhouse or modern elegance like this one. Seen in this one, it is beautiful how the soft blue door matches the dark blue floor.

Blue Living Room
In this living room, the pronounced color is blue on the wall and on the rug. And the white sofa, table, and cabinet lets this blue color look so popped out. The chairs and floor lamp give a balance to the white color here.

Blue Modern Sofa
Blue sofa can look in so many shades and design. This one here shows a modern look with its clean lines and simple design. And in this living room, this blue sofa can still look popped up to be side by side with bright yellow accents.

Blue Kitchen
In this kitchen, it is obviously seen that blue is the strongest accent. It is not only seen in the cabinet and shelves but it is also seen in the island with built-in bench on the side where round table and acrylic chairs, same as the island stools, are added. The neutral wooden look and acrylic make sure the blue color is strongly seen.

Blue Study
Blue is often related to intelligent, like in House of Ravenclaw in Hogwarts in Harry Potter books which respects intelligent and uses blue for their uniform and house. And this is understandable as blue color will give you calm in working and studying. Seen in this one, the study room is painted in pantone blue that gives the room a pretty yet serious look.

Blue Bathroom
Decorating bathroom can be really fun as it is totally fine to put some patterned tiles on the floor. And if you want to create bathroom with blue color but with more minimalist touch, combining white wall and blue patterned floor tiles is a great way to do it, like this one here.

Blue Library
As blue is closely related to a great mind, it is the perfect color for library as well. This one here does not only paint the wall in blue but also puts grand blue velvet sofa that looks so comfortable to read on.

Blue Bedding
For a room that has already been ready, adding the thing you can easily remove with something in blue is the easiest. Seen in here is blue color used in a bed. The pantone color looks fresh and serene.

Blue Children’s Bedroom
Children’s bedroom is so easy to adapt with color. Adding blue color is easy too. Seen in this one, the ceiling is painted with dark blue with a lot of stars too.

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