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living room, wooden floor, patterned rug, green velvet chairs, white round coffee table, white cabinet, grey chairs, orange ottoman Home Decoration

Living Room, Light Blue Floor, Brown Rug, Cream Wall, Rattan Floor Lamp, Pictures
Living Room, White Floor, Patterned Rug, Orange Wall, Brown Sofa, White Cushion, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Ottoman, Fringe Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Patterned Rug, Green Velvet Chairs, White Round Coffee Table, White Cabinet, Grey Chairs, Orange Ottoman
Living Room, Black And White Zigzag Rug, Painted Wall, Pink Striped Chairs, Round Side Table With Golden Frame
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Rattan Cabinet, Wooden Bench, Pink Cushion, Pink Fringe Chandelier, Plants, Green Cabinet
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Green Tufted Cornered Sofa, Green Tufted Ottoman, Plants All Over The Room, Rattan Round Chair, White Rug, Wooden Rectangular Coffee Table
Living Room, Brown Floor Tiles, Ratan Rug, Patterned Rug, Pink Ottoman, Wall White, Yellow And Pink, Round Wooden Coffee Table, Blue Table, Rattan Pots, Plants
Living Room, Pink Wall, Red Chair, Plants, Glass Bulb Chandelier, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Round Mirror
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Cream Wall, Patterned Rug, Silver Ottoman, Blue Velvet Sofa, Orange Chair, White Fur Ottoman, Orange Ball Pendants
Living Room, Wood Herringbone Floor, White Wall, Patterned Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Cabinet, White Shelves

Bohemian style looks perfect for living room for its warmth and fresh look. With bohemian style, a living room can look amazing with all the colors, accessories, or the natural accents like rattan and wood. As the purpose of living room is to offer warm place to gather with your friends and family. And bohemian look is just in line with that purpose. If you’re looking for some ideas to decorate living room in warm and vibrant bohemian look, these below are the perfect ones to start.

Vibrant Room
This living room below has a vibrant touch especially seen on the wall with pink, red and yellow. These colors perfectly match with the warm floor tiles, rug, coffee table and the plant pots. It is even in line with blue study table that brings another bold point.

Striped Look
Although striped accent is not the distinctive accent of bohemian, but it can blend with bohemian pretty well. The flowery curtain and the plants on the room makes a great combination.

Pinkish Bohemian
This one here puts a really sweet bohemian look with pink on the cushion and the fringe chandelier. These two accents look so pronounced that the natural touches can balance the room in more subtle bohemian support.

Fresh Avocado
This bohemian living room puts an interesting center with green tufted corner sofa. This sofa looks so comfortable especially with the tufted ottoman. This green bog avocado matches perfectly with the plants all over the room.

Bold Red
This corner is an amazing corner. With soft pink wall, this one looks fun. However, the red chair brings out bold look in the soft background. The plants makes the space looks fresh and amazing.

Warm Orange
This living room brings out warm and fun ambiance with the orange wall and the simple patterned rug. The details on the sofa and coffee table along with the fringe chandelier make the room even richer.

Bold and Warm
With all bold details, this one here looks rich and amazing. It puts a bold velvet blue sofa and makes an interesting combination with orange pendants and patterned rug. The silver ottoman also puts a bold accent to the room.

Warm Fun
This living room puts out fun ambiance with all wall accessories. IT is also supported by the green patterned wall. The rattan floor lamp puts a more fun detail that brings warm along with orange sofa and rug.

Rich of Plants
One thing that makes a bohemian room looks amazing is the plants. With plants, a room can look fresh and instantly bohemian. This one here puts many kinds of plants in the room while putting warm tones and patterned rug to make the room more vibrant and rich.

Elegant Bohemian
Although bohemian looks really comfortable and simple, with the right things, it can also look elegant. Here below adds velvety chairs that makes the comfortable bohemian room looks more elegant.

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