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living room, wooden floor, white rug, white wall, grey corner rug, wooden coffee tbale, wooden side table, rattan chair, round mirror Bohemian Life Styles

Living room is a place where you want to be able to relax while meeting with your friends and family. It is a place for social comfort. And that is why bohemian style would meet this reason so well. As bohemian loves to show natural and warm look, comfortable sight is easy to gain. If you are looking for inspirations, these below are some beautiful and warm bohemian living room compiled just for you.

Neutrally Bohemian
This bohemian look is offered by neutral grey wall and the matching white wooden ceiling. This one is supported by white sofa and cabinet as well. The white blanket, ottoman, rug and chair brings a light bohemian look while the rattan pendant, rattan chair and wooden floor bring in warmth more.

Comfortable Pillows
This simple and neutral living room looks so bohemian and comfortable with the pillows that stacked on the sofa. The details on the pillows bring out bohemian details on it. And it is in line with the rug, pendant and wall accessories.

Bohemian Details
This bohemian rooms looks so strong that the room looks amazing and warm. The accessories on the wall, table and floor give warmth to the room while also makes it interesting. The white lounge chair and ottoman looks so comfortable.

Comfortable Old Bohemian
This living room looks so comfortable and warm. The brown sofa and chairs helps the room to create warmth while the round glass coffee table makes the room light and not crowded. The paintings on the wall make the room feel familiar and chick.

Farmhouse Bohemian
This one here does not only offer bohemian look but also farmhouse look. The rattan accessories on the room brings a strong bohemian vibe while the wooden material gives ole and familiar look that strengthens farmhouse vibe too.

Simple Comfort
This small living room looks so comfortable. In this limited space, the comfort is created through grey sofa, pillows with warm and earth tone and also the warm rattan pendant above. The combination is great with little bohemian details on the wall.

Boho Modern
An open living room would make your room feel breezy and large. And this one here puts up a great feeling. The black sofa and wooden coffee table looks amazing and strong without looking too much.

Natural Accent
The light bohemian room feels so light and amazingly comfortable. The white sofa and wooden table match perfectly. With black rattan chair and rattan pendant, the room have interesting accents.

Cosy Spot
This living room has a simple setting with corner sofa, simple coffee table and rattan chair. Added with warm blanket and rug on the floor, it is a perfect place to stay at winter.

Elegant Bohemian
For this living room, there are many aspects that it shows. The modern look, the bohemian details as the accessories, the farmhouse vibe and also the elegant chandelier.

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