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a set of 3 triangle mirrors arrange like puzzle Urban Outfitters

Hexagon Mirrors Scattered On The Wall, White Floor, Rattan Rug, Chair, Floor Lamp, Beige Wall
Asymmetric Mirror With Wooden Frame Under The Mirror Only
Assymetrical Mirror With Wooden Frame
Asymmetric Triangle Mirror With Wooden Frame
Geometric Mirror With Geometric Metal Wire Above Floating Wooden Shelves
A Set Of Three Diamond Mirror Above Wooden Table
A Set Of 3 Triangle Mirrors Arrange Like Puzzle
Triangle Metal With Small Triangle And Diamond Shaped Small Mirrors
Diamond Angled Mirror With Pink Shade, Pink Fringes
Square Mirrors Overlaping Without Pattern On The Wall Above Wooden Cabinet

A final touch of a room can determine how the room will look in the end overall. That is why it is important to pay attention to details. If you love to get a wall decoration, mirror is one of the most endearing because the ability of reflecting light and making the room feels larger, if you have large mirror. For those who love to add a little treat of reflection, these ten wall mirrors can make your room feel more alive.

Asymmetric Mirror
An interesting shape is always a great point in leaving strong impression. However, angle also plays the same role. Combining both, you will get an appealing mirror to make your room feels pretty.

Asymmetric Frame
Similar to the previous one, the interesting trait from this one here is also the asymmetric look, both in the shape and in the frame. Rather than covering all the rim of the mirror, the frame only covers the bottom part of mirror, making it look even more interesting.

Asymmetrical Modernity
Still in the asymmetric shape, this one follows the asymmetric lines to be a refreshing mirror with its wooden frame. It is a perfect item to be hung in a Mid-Century Modern room.

Scattered Hexagon
Geometric shapes are still popular even at the beginning of 2019. The lines and pattern that it create are attractive and beautiful. And seeing the scattered hexagon mirrors in the wall here, who would argue?

Overlapping Square
An interesting shape can be gained by arranging shapes interestingly, just like this one here. From simple square, the idea becomes a more complex and complicated pattern of the simple shape. This is a pretty thing to hung on the wall as it is quite large that it will give a pretty reflection of the light, especially when it’s located near the window.

Metal Wire
One of the things that makes a mirror look endearing is the frame, with or without, and how it looks like. A pretty and unique frame obviously will add more points to the overall look of a mirror. And this one here has a really pretty look. Shaped in hexagon shape, the mirror looks modern and combined with the geometric lines on the outside, it becomes even more interesting.

Pink Reflection
Pink shaded mirror has been quite popular in media social and it is understandable as it looks really pretty and sweet as also seen in the picture below. Even though it is added with fringes under, it does not mean that the mirror looks too crowded.

Triangle Puzzle
When adding one mirror is not enough to state your character, make it more than one. In the picture below, the combination of three triangle mirrors is fun and refreshing.

Diamond Puzzle
Similar to the previous one, this one also has look like a puzzle but with diamond shaped mirrors. Dangling from a metal chain it looks like it’s a group of earrings that prettily hung on the wall to beautify your room.

Small Rain of Mirror
If you love to have small blinks from mirrors, you will love this one here as it will make a sweet vibe on the wall with its small mirrors.

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