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floor with mosaic tiles in warm colors of orange, brown, grey, black, white Studium

Kitchen Floor With White Hexagon Tiles, Tiny Square Black Tiles Combined Together
Floor With Brown Porcelain Tiles With Herringbone Effect
Bedroom With Wooden Floor, Brown Plaid Rug, Bed, Side Table, Ottoman
Floor With White Marble Flooring With Colorful Little Triangular Pattern Inside
Floor With Wood Pattern Tiles In Herringbone Pattern
Kitchen Floor With White Patterned Linoleum Flooring
A Room With Combination Of Two Herringbone Tiles, The Light Brown Herringbone, The Dark Blue, Green, Brown Bigger Herringbone
Floor With Mosaic Tiles In Warm Colors Of Orange, Brown, Grey, Black, White
Kitchen With Black Stone Flooring
Floor With Blue Geometrical Vinyl Flooring

Flooring is a really wide topic to discuss. In a house, there will be so many rooms with different function. And that means so many kinds of different flooring to think about. As bathroom has been discussed here  now here below are flooring for some other room. But of course, it’s the beautiful ones.


Earthy Rug 

Besides tiles, rug has been a popular options for flooring, especially to those room that you will want to be comfortable. That is why rug is commonly found in the bedroom where you want to make sure every corner is comfortable for to relax. This one here in the picture is showing an earthy colored rug with plaid motive. It’s calm and the fun is subtle.


Inexpensive and Creative

If you want to change the look of your floor without spending too much money, vinyl flooring is your best choice. It’s simply because with vinyl, you don’t have to do any renovating. And, you can choose the most beautiful motive, just like this one here in the picture.


Beautiful Marble

Always associated as the most expensive among the flooring tiles, marble gives you the most beautiful sights too. It’s natural stone gives you a familiar and calm sight while also give your room cooling effect. Your room will have the strongest calming quality.


Warm Mosaic

This one here is stunning and interesting tiles for your home. This custom mosaic tiles will make your room looks warm and beautiful. Compiled from stone, glass, and also metal, this mosaic tiles has an interesting sight and texture.


Herringbone Planks

Herringbone has been really popular to create natural look of the room, especially in the various kinds of planks used to create beautiful pattern. Although it’s usually used in a bigger space, this small space in the picture looks great with herringbone too.


Herringbone Effect

Fall in love with Herringbone but want to go with porcelain that will require even lower maintenance? This one here probably what you’re looking for: porcelains with broken zigzag pattern.


Herringbone Combination

For you who want to go even further with herringbone pattern, you can go like this one here in the picture. Here, they combine two kinds of herringbone patterns with two groups of pattern. One is with in light brown tiles while the other is in darker color with blue and green accent, and bigger sized tiles too.


Dark Kitchen

Now, we go to the kitchen and see how kitchen tiles can be so interesting too. Here below, we have a black stone floor. This one here is really beautiful. Not only that, the natural stone also helps the room to cooling down. This is what you want in a place where you cook.


Eco Beautiful Floor

If you are one of those people who care so much about nature, this one floor might make you fall in love. This is linoleum floor that is made from renewable materials that are all degradable. Not only that, this one here is really pretty with white and light grey pattern.


Combine It All

This one here is also really exceptional. The kitchen is installed with hexagonal tiles that has black square tiles in between the tiles. Not only that, this kitchen has totally different tiles compared to the next room.

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